Tumescent Lipo Brings Your Sexy Back! Discover All You Need to Know about this Low Cost Liposuction Technique

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A well-perfected technique that made older liposuction procedures safer, tumescent lipo is the current “golden” standard and one of the low cost liposuction options available – whether you want to minimize your chin, neck, tummy, hips, butt, thighs, arms, knees or man boobs.

Are you wondering if this is for you?

Find out here what this treatment for body reshaping and localized fat reduction is like, its benefits, possible risks and costs.

First, you should know that this is a cosmetic procedure that delivers precise body contouring, yet it is done under local anesthesia, so you don’t risk complications associated with general IV (intravenous) sedation.

Here’s what typically happens during this procedure:

Prior to surgery, your surgeon injects a special sterile saline fluid subcutaneously, in the fatty tissue to be treated.

The fluid, which is a mixture of a local anesthetic and a capillary constrictor (adrenaline and lidocaine), swells up the target area making it swollen and firm, or tumescent (in fact, this is what gives the name of this technique).

Then, a tiny cannula of less than 3mm in diameter is inserted in this area, which is connected at the other end to a vacuum machine. The surgeon moves back and forth the cannula inside the fatty tissue breaking up and aspiring the fat cells under your skin.


This type of liposuction may also use a laser to melt the fat and stimulate collagen production in this area, which helps tighten your skin over the following weeks. A good example of such a procedure of laser-assisted lipo is micro liposuction.

But be careful… since a laser can easily damage the surrounding tissue (it burns anything it is pointed at), laser lipo require great precision, hence a highly skilled and experienced surgeon.

Other types of tumescent lipo that bypass this risk are using an ultrasonic frequency – like VASER lipo for example – to break up and loosen the fat cells, which are then sucked out through a small cannula.

How long does the treatment take?

Well, a tumescent surgery takes anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours, but if you have more than one area to be treated with liposuction, expect a longer treatment time.

However, keep in mind that you will not see the final lipo result until a few months later, after all swelling is completely gone.

Are you wondering…

…Why is Tumescent Lipo Getting So Popular?

Two reasons.

First, because the tumescent technique is one of the best low cost liposuction options.

Second, because it is one of the most effective and less risky types of liposuction available. It is a very precise and gentle technique with which you will hardly have any downtime.

In fact, from all types of liposuction, tumescent surgery is considered the “golden standard” of lipo options available.

Other benefits contributing to its growing popularity include…

  • Less blood loss and trauma of the surrounding tissues as this technique gradually loosens the fat cells, which are then gently vacuumed out along with the tumescent fluid
  • No sutures are required – hence less scarring – due to the finer incisions than with traditional liposuction
  • Post-operative fluid can drain more easily without sutures, leading to minimum bruising, swelling and tenderness after surgery
  • With cannulas of only 3mm in diameter, the surgeon is able to target the fat tissue that needs to be removed with greater precision
  • The final lipo results are smoother, with minimal skin irregularities
  • It can be performed in both small and large areas of your body, be it the chin, neck, abdomen, hips, thighs, arms, knees or men boobs
  • Since general anesthesia is not involved, the potential complications associated with intravenous sedation are virtually* eliminated

How Much Will You Pay for a Tumescent Lipo?

Like in any type of liposuction, your lipo cost will vary not only depending on the surgeon that you choose, but on the number of body areas you’ll want to address. If you need to have fat removed from more than one area, the surgeon usually establishes a base fee for the largest area, and gives you a discount for subsequent areas to be treated.

This type of liposuction can be done in a clinical setting, so you don’t have the extra cost of an operating room – as you may have for a traditional liposuction. Plus, since it requires only local anesthesia, you don’t have to add the anesthesiologist’s fees either.

To give you a better idea, here are some lipo cost guidelines for various body areas.

So with a long list of benefits, less risk and lower cost, you are naturally wondering…

…Is Tumescent Lipo Right for You?

You shouldn’t think of any type of lipo as a weight loss solution – we’ve already discussed why you shouldn’t consider liposuction for weight loss.

But if you have localized fat deposits that defy a balanced weight loss diet and consistent exercise, this minimally invasive procedure has clear advantages. In fact, if you are near your average weight and have relatively good skin tone, tumescent lipo may be just the right technique for you to bring your SEXY back!

However, don’t forget to do your due diligence. As with any lipo procedure, always check thoroughly the surgeon’s credentials and make sure he’s certified through the plastic surgeons’ board. Also, ask for before-and-after pictures of real cases of tumescent lipo treatment done in that particular clinic.


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