Funniest Weight Loss Jokes: De-stress and Boost Your Endorphin Levels withOur  Fat Jokes  Selection

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A few weight loss jokes a day keep the fat away ~ Brainy Weight Loss

If you are like most people struggling to lose weight, you’ve probably gone through some hard times… Amazingly, when you just want to cry about it, the best thing to do is to… just laugh. Yep, you’ve read it correctly: laugh. How often do you laugh?

No, not one of those timid smiles you use when your picture is taken!
How often do you really allow yourself to vocalize a mirthful, solid belly laughter? Hmm…?

Did you know that while infants laugh about 300 times a day, adults only laugh an average of 17 times? It’s true!

Luckily, there are whole industries built around laughter. Jokes, sitcoms and humorists are all supposed to get you laughing more, because laughing just feels good.


Weight loss jokes, especially one-liners, are no different:

“I keep trying to lose weight… but it keeps finding me.”


“I’m on a seafood diet… I see food and I eat it.”

Have you ever felt exhausted after a bout of contagious giggling? Yes? That’s because you’ve just had a full aerobic workout!

Having fun is essential to your health. As you’ve seen, laughter therapy is on the rise… the physical benefits of laughter are too many to ignore.

So while you are on a site about healthy weight loss…

…Why Not Laugh with Some Thematic Weight Loss Jokes?

Because – believe it or not – there’s increasing scientific evidence that laughter, which is the psychological response to humor, is not only the greatest stress reliever improving your overall health and helping you fight disease; it is an important weight loss booster as well.

How so?

Well, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover that laughter lowers the harmful levels of stress hormones like epinephrine, cortisol and dopamine, hormones that reduce (or even block) fat-burning.

As opposed to hurtful humor, like put downs, ethnic jokes, and jokes anti-something (which create distress and even emotional pain), healthful humor is highly therapeutic.

Positive humor stimulates wit, mirth, and a good laughter.

And there’s one more thing you should know… laughing with others creates a healthy bond, closeness and intimacy.

So before jumping on the list of our favorite weight loss jokes, let’s take a moment to see how you can cultivate a heightened sense of humor to truly enjoy these fat jokes…

Because you have to put time, focus and energy into experiences that make you laugh and feel good.

So let’s take a look at these…

10 Tips to Cultivate Your Sense of Humor

1. Figure out what makes you laugh and do it, read it, or watch it more often; increase your exposure to comedies, comic sitcoms, joke books, and comedy clubs

2. Surround yourself with funny, cheerful people; be with them every chance you get and spend time with those who help you see the bright side of everything

3. Observe infants and young children to learn how to find delight and amusement in the most ordinary things; look for the everyday amusing moments: the absurd, the silly, the incongruous in your daily life

4. Avoid conversations, news, or movies that frighten, upset and distress you or make you feel sad and unhappy

5. Cherish your health: if it’s good, preserve it; if it’s unstable, improve it; if it’s beyond improvement, get qualified help

6. Avoid “figuring it out” – forget figures like your weight, height and age – let your doctor worry about that

7. Remind yourself to have fun, take a 10 – 15 minute humor break each day – read jokes or listen to something funny

8. Recall several of the most embarrassing moments in your life, find the humor in them and practice telling stories describing them in a humorous way; it might take a little exaggeration or dramatization, but hey, isn’t that what good storytelling is all about?

9. Learn to appreciate the “scenery” on every detour, especially when NOT on the road 😉

10. Enjoy the many physical benefits of laughter – as long as it’s not at someone else’s expense, laugh every time you get a chance, including these Fat Jokes, our 3-part selection of weight loss jokes about dieting, fitness and nutrition:

Part 1:
South Beach Diet
Part 2:
Cheater’s Tips
Part 3:
Fitness & Eating Right

And, a no-joke water vs. Coke comparison – did you know all this??

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