Who Else Wants a Weight Loss Coach and a Good Deal of FREE Weight Loss Help?

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When you work with a weight loss coach you get a personalized plan, lose weight faster, with no hunger and receive some free weight loss help too 🙂

Believe it or not, with a coach you will lose weight faster and easier than you would just on your own. Let’s face it. If it were easy, or if you could do it on your own, chances are you would have done it already, right?

Read on to find out what working with a coach is like, why most celebrities have a weight loss coach, why you’ll want to work with one yourself and how YOU can apply to get customized weight loss help.

So let’s get to it.

Whether you’re 10, 20, or 50 pounds overweight, a weight loss coach helps you get smart about eating to burn body fat, take charge of your body with minimalistic but effective workouts, stay motivated and heal your relationship with food – so you can finally release the extra weight. You’ll get…


And then, there’s the free stuff that you typically get when working with a coach.

For example, in a featured interview with celebrity weight loss coach Marilu Henner, she offers a lot of proven tips and free weight loss help that you can use for yourself immediately.

Keep in mind that a coach teaches you how to re-set your weight set point to keep your optimal weight long-term – all without the frustration and struggle you currently experience.

A coach always steers you towards healthy choices and a personalized, safe weight loss plan.

And if you think that only overweight celebrities, stars, famous TV personalities or overweight actresses are getting coached, think again.

People wanting to advance their careers get career coaches.

Successful business owners work with business coaches.

Smart couples work with relationship coaches.

So yes, if you want to lose weight once and for all (without much fuss), you too should consider working with a personal coach specialized in weight loss.

As most coaches provide a free weight loss help intro session, you can get a feel for the coach before deciding whether working with him or her is right for you and before making a financial commitment.

So How Can a Weight Loss Coach Help YOU?

First, you get specific insights and targeted advice just for you, since a good weight loss or fitness coach is thoroughly trained in body-type nutritional diets and experienced with highly effective fitness routines. And, a coach helps you to stay motivated and use to your advantage the mind-body connection.

Second, when working with a coach you get to set realistic, achievable goals rather than aiming to look like those bone-skinny models… After all, skinny is now seen as sickly; lean and fit is the new sexy. You want to get lean and fit, not skinny. The gaunt look goes out as we speak, thanks to the so-called “overweight models” (not really overweight, just having very feminine, curvaceous bodies), who started this long-awaited body image revolution.

Plus, working with a weight loss coach helps you dissolve the limiting beliefs and stop the unsupportive habits that keep you from releasing your extra weight. It helps you become successful at maintaining your optimal weight and living a fully expressed life.

What’s losing weight having to do with living a fully expressed life?

Well, everything.

If you have struggled with your weight for a long time, you know that losing weight is about much more than just weighing less. You, like most overweight people, might experience feelings of inadequacy… You might avoid to speak up for yourself or “show up” when opportunities arise.

Think about this:

When you learn to listen to your own body and identify what it truly needs… when you discover your strengths and start being in charge of your own thoughts and actions… you accomplish amazing things and go much further than you have ever thought.

Working with a coach just makes it all smoother and… fun!

As a result, you might feel isolated, frustrated, hopeless and depressed… But it doesn’t have to be like this. Working with a weight loss coach gets you to change your body image from the inside out.

Plus, you get helpful quizzes, cheat sheets, work-charts and all the tools you need to put a stop to your food cravings, nasty mood swings and uncontrolled emotional eating. You start to release layer after layer of body fat, regaining your energy and zest for life.

Above all, working with a coach you learn to change smoothly your daily routine to incorporate the necessary lifestyle changes required to lose the extra body fat AND to keep it off. Believe it or not, when you work with a personal coach, such lifestyle changes CAN be achieved – even with a busy life like yours. In fact, that’s how celebrities lose weight too! They often get to lose weight for a specific role (just like Beyonce, who they said was overweight before she began shooting Dreamgirls), and always work with a coach to help them drop a lot of pounds fast.

In fact, specialized coaching to help you get lean quickly and safely, caring hand-holding, personalized guidance for your body type and metabolism, interactive online peer support forum – PLUS many other resources and tools – is what differentiates Belinda Benn’s Get Lean Program, with which you get free access to the members-only Transformation Coaching for a full month, as one of the program’s 10 components.

I encourage you to check it out now, it may be just the kind of support you need to finally achieve the body you want >>

So now that you know what working with a weight loss coach is about, would you like to give it a try? If yes, just fill your name and email address in the form below to get in touch  for a no-obligation, 30 min. FREE weight loss help session:

Update fall 2015: All the available spots for free coaching sessions are currently taken, but if you fill in the form below you will be placed on the waiting list and reserve your spot when the free sessions are going to be offered again.

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