Why You Need a Body Type Diet: Customized Nutrition & Workout Blueprints for the Different Body Types

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Achieve fast healthy weight loss with the right body type diet for YOU! Discover the different male & female body types and get the answer to “What is my body type?”

I bet you agree that we all have different body types and a specific body shape, right? Then it’s easy to understand that each of us has a distinctive genetic, anatomic and glandular make-up and obviously, different metabolic, nutritional and fitness needs, wouldn’t you say?

Then isn’t unwise to think that the same weight loss program works for everyone?

How many times have you tried one-size-fits-all diets and quick routines from Youtube only to get disappointed and discouraged because they haven’t been working for you?

Doesn’t make more sense to choose a customized plan for your body type that allows you to lose weight faster and much easier?

Well, here you’ll find a few different body typing systems to choose from depending on your gender, fitness level and amount of extra weight you carry. You’ll find out the answer to your question, “What is my body type?” and understand why we store fat in different parts of our bodies – depending on our male or female body types.


This explains the diversity of male and female body types, each with its own male or female body shape…

No matter what you’ve been reading elsewhere, when it comes to exercising and eating to lose weight, one program does NOT fit all – you simply must determine the specific body type diet that works for you.

It just makes sense, doesn’t it?

Whether you want to lose a lot of weight or tone-up and re-shape your body so your weight becomes a non-issue, the first step is to ask, “What is my body type?” – after all… “awareness is the first step to lasting change”, right?

Then, once you’ve identified it from the different body types, you’ll get the results you want using the corresponding body type diet that will work for you.

But If You Don’t Know Your Body Type…

before starting a weight loss plan so you can match your type (or shape) with its respective nutrition and exercising guidelines, you’re going to always be frustrated by your body’s resistance to burning fat, sluggish metabolism, constant food cravings, lack of energy and frequent mood swings.

That’s what happened to me some years ago, when I wanted to drop a significant amount of weight without realizing the power of a body type diet and customized workout routine. I’d tried every diet under the sun: “high-protein, “low carb”, “low fat”, “no-this”, “eat-that”… only to feel miserable, hungry and deprived.

In the process, I’d became anemic, compromised my metabolism and lost a lot of muscle tissue.
I hated my body, had no self-esteem, avoided social functions (can you relate?). Thought I’d be enslaved to a life of perpetual dieting…

And then, one day it occurred to me that what I was missing was intelligent exercising and a diet customized for my own body type. This changed everything for me – I was amazed with the results!!

Today, more and more nutritionists and fitness experts are steering away from the traditional one-size-fits-all dogma, reversing the previous bad rap of body typing. In fact, now most health and wellness professionals agree that using customized diets for the different body types is the most effective way to drop the extra weight and keep it off.

That’s because customized diets based on each person’s body type are effective, motivating and safe. These diets highlight the specific nutrition and workouts that raise your metabolism naturally for optimal glandular health, maximum fat burning, increased energy and emotional stability.

So rather than constantly feeling defeated and hopeless about never being able to attain (or keep) your optimal weight, I encourage you to discover which is yours from the different body types. Then, try the matching workouts and body type diet for your (fe)male body type or female body shape – a diet that:

  • is based on your uniqueness as an individual and doesn’t put you at risk, being the healthiest way of losing weight
  • doesn’t require you to count calories or weigh food, so you will stick to it in the long-run
  • is natural and balanced, enabling you to avoid unnecessary frustration, unstoppable food cravings and sharp hunger pangs
  • allows you to resolve the “problem areas” and reach your esthetic goals

If working with your body type rather than following a one-size-fits-all plan makes sense to you, then take the time now to identify your body type or body shape below – each of these comes with a weight loss plan based on how your body responds to certain foods and workout routines giving you a clear blueprint of what works best for you:

Body Type Diet for Different Male/Female Body Types

What is My Body Type? – The Most Frequently Asked Question

Three Body Types: Endomorph, Mesomorph & Ectomorph Body Type Diet

Four Body Shapes: Hourglass, Ruler, Spoon & Cone Female Body Shape

Female Body Shape Diet & Workout Routine for Each of the Four Shapes

Apples and Pears: Simplified version of body shapes for Highly Overweight

Apple Shaped Body Individualized Weight Loss Diet & Workout Routine

Pear Shape Body Individualized Weight Loss Diet & Workout Routine

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