The Mind-Body Connection: How to Use Mindfulness Exercises & the Powers of the Mind to Get(and Keep) Your Extra Weight Off

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Clever marketers use the mind-body connection every single day to make us believe that food fills our emotional needs – is this belief making us fatter?

Are you wondering what is the missing link when it comes to permanent, no-fuss weight loss?

Well, if YOU are part of the 98% of the people for which the mainstream media tenet that losing weight means to eat less and exercise more (and harder) doesn’t ring true…

…you should know that mind-body weight loss refers to how your body responds differently to the new way you start to think, feel and act around eating, food and exercising when you drop this widespread but completely misguided mindset. Your body’s new type of response makes you release your extra weight naturally, effortlessly, as a result of the different way you move your body and eat to satisfy your real hunger, not to soothe your stress-induced emotional load.

Eating to soothe the emotional load?


Well, you may feel strong food cravings when you are stressed out, anxious or upset…

…You may crave scones or muffins when you feel unloved, alone or unsupported emotionally…

…Or feel like munching crispy sweets when frustrated…

…Or feel like eating spicy foods when bored.

Or, feel like downright binging when you harbor dark, unpleasant feelings and want to numb yourself and just forget about everything.

You know what I’m talking about, right?

As crazy as it sounds, we in the Western society, have been constantly made to feel that “comfort food” is the solution to solving internal emotional conflicts and to releasing stress… That “happy meals” are the answer to our natural desire to be happy and fulfilled.

Food industry’s marketers, who are trained in using your powers of the mind, use the mind-body connection to lure us into believing that food can fill all our emotional needs.

Well, guess what.

When food is used as the outer solution for our inner needs, there can never be enough. Yes, food can fill us up, but it can never FULFILL us.

The Mind-Body Connection Explains How…

…being overweight is not merely a physical problem; it is rather a problem of your whole being.

Whether you like it or not, your body is a reflection of your thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs – a reflection of your emotional health. The good news is that you CAN change your body with simple, relaxing mindfulness exercises, using the powers of the mind.

Stop for a second and let this sink in.

By accessing the mind-body connection you can overcome negative thoughts and limiting beliefs, learn to recognize and avoid people or situations that drain your energy away, and learn to process (digest) correctly painful emotions before they make you fat, unfit and ultimately, sick.


It may be a new idea to you, but it is your power of the mind that holds the formula for fast healthy weight loss and for successfully keeping your optimal weight.

Your attitudes and beliefs are great forces of your mind – no less powerful than pills or expensive medical treatments.

And believe it or not, you can shift any unsupportive attitudes and beliefs. How?

Well, you can replace them with empowering ones through simple and relaxing mindfulness exercises and integrative fitness.

What is Integrative Fitness?

Integrative fitness is any routine of mind-body workouts, which integrate focused mental awareness and controlled breathing with precisely designed physical movements.

With regular practice, you experience the best shape of your life, optimal body fat, much improved health, concentration, creativity and greater enjoyment of life.

Typical integrative fitness examples are Yoga, 5 Tibetan Rites, Nia, Pilates.

The best thing about this empowering change is that you can do it for free!

By learning to use the mind-body connection and your powers of the mind you can change your body.

Enlightening, isn’t it?

And there’s more you should know. Mindful eating and healthy lifestyle choices born from positive attitudes, high self esteem and self confidence, are not only required to achieve your perfect weight; they lead you to optimum health, great vitality and happiness.

You start to use food to fuel and nourish your body, rather than use it as a reward, a bribe or to temporarily numb (medicate) unpleasant feelings.

Mind-Body Connection is the Principle…

…on which some of the most effective weight loss tools are based. You may have heard of some; others may be new to you:

  • Integrative fitness
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Neuro-linguisitc programming (NLP)
  • Affirmations, or Mind-scripts
  • Meridian tapping, or emotional freedom technique (EFT)
  • Acupuncture
  • Breathing therapy

In the articles below you will discover how to neutralize self-sabotaging thoughts, upgrade limiting beliefs, boost your motivation, change unwanted habits, restore your emotional health and how to use effectively the powerful mind-body connection to heal your relationship with food and finally solve the underlying cause of your weight problem:

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