Motivation to Lose Weight: Have You Had YourServing of Weight Loss Motivation Today? Three Easy Tips on the Menu

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The motivation to lose weight is FOOD for your brain; like real food, you can’t get it ALL in just one sitting… You need daily top up’s of tasty “morsels”.

No matter your reasons, your motivation to lose weight is the main key to quick weight loss, getting back in shape, toned and vibrant. Why? Because a strong weight loss motivation allows you to easily carry out the new habits that will transform your body in the shortest time.

In contrast, when you lack motivation you experience a great resistance – even to the simplest things.

You keep self-sabotaging (subconsciously) the healthiest behaviors you previously decided to adopt.

In fact, you aren’t able to stick to your weight loss plan, no matter how clear and effective it is.

As you can imagine, the recipe for peak weight loss motivation includes a fair amount of self motivation skills – more about these in a bit.

First, let’s see how you can keep your motivation to lose weight up (or how to get it in the first place) when you need to get going with the daily actions of your weight loss plan, okay?


Here’s how to boost your motivation with three simple tips:

1. Set realistic goals: aim to achieve a sensible target – doable with a little stretch that you can (and are willing to) commit to

2. Set up an empowering environment: you’ll be pulled forward instead of forced to push yourself when you surround yourself with like-minded friends and use supportive activities

3. Reward yourself by celebrating your “little” successes: use intelligent “treats” to keep looking forward to hit the next goal

Let’s take a look at each of these and give you more details and examples.

Motivation to Lose Weight Tip #1: Set Realistic Goals

“Every day do something that will inch you closer to the tomorrow that you want.” ~ Doug Firebaugh

Once you understand that to set yourself up for success you must choose practical, doable goals that you can actually achieve, you can easily attain goal after goal and continue to generate a strong motivation to lose weight.

In contrast, when you pick unrealistic weight loss goals that you can’t possibly pull off, you just prove to yourself and to others that you have failed. Again. When this happens, your weight loss motivation plummets.

That’s not what you want, right?

Besides, trying to be like some skinny movie celebrity and turn your body into a shape it physically cannot achieve, creates needless stress and pressure for you. Stress and pressure – along with previous failures – are the sure death of your motivation.

It’s true, media dictates how you’re supposed to look like, but you are smarter than this… Settle for a weight that is optimal for you NOW, not 15 years ago!

Forget about getting into your wedding or prom dress again if you gave birth to three kids since then. Forget about losing 30 pounds in 30 days. Forget about getting absolutely ripped by your next month’s summer vacation if you’re over 40 and have never been into body-sculpting before.

Let’s face it. It’s not gonna happen. Just ditch it.

Instead, set realistic goals that you can easily achieve. Go ahead and hit these targets – this way, you’ll immediately create a trail of small successes that will pull you ahead. When you imprint a habit of success on your mind, achieving the next goal keeps getting easier.

For example… put together a weekly plan with small nutrition and fitness goals for each day and make them your daily routine. Aim to feel your clothes loosen up just a bit every day… to be only 2 pounds lighter each week. Now, that IS doable.
This gives you something easy to go for without triggering self-sabotaging resistance or creating excuses.

Motivation to Lose Weight Tip #2: Set Up a Supportive and Empowering Environment

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions.”
~ Mark Twain

If you’re ready to get serious about reclaiming the body you want, surround yourself with a helpful support system – this will keep your weight loss motivation at its peak.

Spend time with like-minded people, read inspiring weight loss books, listen to empowering coaches, watch motivational videos…

Here are some of my favorites you may want to take a look at:

Now is the time to get sound information on the right reasons to lose weight, eating healthy, getting fit and on how to use powerful mind-body tools that help you achieve your weight loss goal.

You’ll be surprised to see how easy it is to raise your weight loss motivation when you…

  • choose whole, nutritious foods whenever you can and avoid fast food, or junk food, which contains harmful fats plus toxic seasonings and artificial sweeteners.
  • diffuse daily stress through meditation, a sensual Hula Hoop workout, a yoga or tai-chi routine, some fun aquatic exercises, or simply by walking in nature.
  • place all over your house and/or workplace weight loss motivation quotes, make a collage of inspiring pictures and inspirational weight loss quotes and keep it on your fridge – it’ll stop you from opening it up too often 😉
  • use guided relaxation – it gives you a calm, centered and serene feeling. You can use it on your break time, taking 1-2 minutes to fully breathe it in. Both your body AND mind require frequent, daily relaxation moments for good health and well-being and this simple technique allows you to feel relaxed during all your daily activities.
    Visit my good friend Sukala’s site, to get a free relaxation script now!
  • visualize yourself everyday trim, toned and fit… imagine yourself doing new things, in your new body, with a renewed vitality.
  • surround yourself with supportive friends and family members and get together to share a healthy meal or a fun walk in the park. Take some dancing classes together, or just call or SMS each other for brief encouragement when either of you feels down.

Always remember… you are not alone! Join an online forum about weight issues and fitness – staying connected with like-minded people will boost your motivation to lose weight more than you can imagine! And if you want to get really serious about it, get a weight loss coach.

Motivation to Lose Weight Tip #3: Celebrate Even Your Smallest Successes!

“Celebrate your success, which is not holding good cards, but playing those you hold well.” ~ Unknown

As you have surely found out by know, working out and keeping fit requires a high level of weight loss motivation. Top it up regularly by celebrating your midway goals – but not with sweets or restaurant treats!

Instead, pamper yourself with a whole day at the spa, go on a day trip with a friend, get a new haircut or try a new hair color. Get a cool tattoo, a new skirt, or a chic pair of shoes. Anything goes – as long as it’s not food 😉

Reinforce your new, healthy habits with smart rewards like these – now and then – to boost your motivation to lose weight and help you go the extra mile.

To strengthen your motivation muscle, make sure you exercise regularly these smart self motivation skills >>

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