What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Low Cost Liposuction Procedure

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(plus, 4 costly add-ons to the final cost of lipo suction through surgery)

Looking for an affordable solution to re-shape your body quickly?
Low cost liposuction IS an option, but make sure you read this first.

As you can imagine, the prices are staggering when there’s involved any cosmetic surgery – that’s exactly what lipo suction is – i.e., suction-assisted body fat removal.

Of course, you’re looking for something that is not only safe, but affordable as well, right?

Yes, you will find various low cost liposuction options offered, but the price shouldn’t be your top concern when considering a complex procedure like this.

Here you will find out some little-known things that you need to be aware of when it comes to specific liposuction procedures…

…Smart-Lipo, VASER Lipo, knee and inner thigh lipo, as well as micro-liposuction for small areas.

Plus, a very low-cost (only your email address) information about an effective, zero-risk do-it-at-home option of lipo without surgery.

Before anything else, you should know that with lipo cost quotes ranging widely between $1,500 to contour small areas on your upper arms to $7,500 (or more) for your upper and lower abdomen, you need to look closely into the figure quoted by your doctor to determine if that’s the final price you will be paying.

Read on to find out what really goes into the total cost of lipo and if you are a good candidate for a lower cost procedure. This way you’ll be able to make an informed (the best) decision for your specific situation.

Let’s start with…


…What Your Low Cost Liposuction Quote Includes

Even before a preliminary consultation, you may get a low quote for the procedure, but pay close attention… Is this just the surgeon’s fee or does it cover all surgery-related expenses?

Make sure you ask at the surgeon’s office to see whether or not the price you’re quoted is a comprehensive fee, which – apart from the doctor’s fee – should also include these four add-ons:

  1. preoperative lab fees – i.e. all preliminary screening and tests
  2. the fee for the anesthesiologist – if you require general anesthesia
  3. the operating room fee
  4. any medication you must take and compression garments you must wear after surgery

But there’s more. Please consider carefully the following…

2 Additional Lipo Cost Variables:
Location and Your Surgeon

Finding low cost liposuction opportunities also depends on the location where you’re going to have the procedure done (fees in a bigger city are going to be higher than in smaller one) and – VERY IMPORTANT – the credentials, experience and reputation of the surgeon you’ll be working with.

It’s very important for a good lipo surgeon to be board-certified. Why? Because this ensures that he has the appropriate training, plus extensive and relevant experience with various liposuction procedures.

Also, a highly reputable surgeon with a long list of happy patients (that can be contacted) will obviously charge more than one who’s just starting out. Of course, doctors with a slim track record will typically offer a discount to make the procedure more attractive to you.

But think about this.

If a doctor’s credentials and reputation are less than stellar, you may want to consider taking a longer time to save for a more expensive procedure from a truly reputable surgeon… Don’t put your body and health at risk!

When you’re offered the chance to pay less, weigh the risks of having such a serious procedure done by a poorly trained, less experienced doctor. You really need to find the right balance between cost and getting a safe and successful treatment.

Yes, affordability is essential. But when going through a complex procedure like this, make sure that you aren’t exposed to unnecessary risks.

A cheaper lipo procedure may well turn out to be a very expensive venture if you will require additional surgery to repair excessive scarring, uneven or highly dimpled skin or even disfigurement!


Are You a Good Candidate for a Low Cost Liposuction Procedure?

You’re probably wondering… since the cost of lipo varies so widely, are you a good candidate for a cheaper liposuction procedure?

The answer is simple. You will get a lower lipo cost if you’re in relatively good health AND are being treated just for a single area. Both of these factors make the procedure easier, less complex – hence with fewer risks of complications.

In contrast, you’re NOT a good candidate for low cost liposuction if you:

  • need to have liposuction on several areas (your arms, abdomen, hips and thighs) at the same time
  • are overweight, thus requiring more surgical time
  • have lost and gained massive amounts of weight and your skin have lost its elasticity
  • have old scar tissue in the area requiring liposuction (this increases the procedure’s complexity)

There’s a last thing you should consider before we wrap this up.

Whether receiving a high or low cost liposuction quote, remember to always ask for a written estimate to protect yourself against any unexpected price changes.

So there you have it.

In a nutshell, yes, low cost liposuction options are certainly available to you. But make sure that – like always where any surgery is involved – you exercise due diligence before making the right decision for your specific situation; hopefully, these tips will help you!

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