Are You Desperate to Lose Weight Quickly? Discover6 Tips on How to Lose Weight Quickly and  Safely, Plus a Failproof Solution for Getting Lean Fast

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When you’re desperate to lose weight quickly AND willing to follow certain rules, some quick weight loss plans will help – follow these tips for best results.

If you’re like most people, when beach time or a certain big event is approaching, you’re probably desperate to lose weight quickly and get in the best shape of your life fast, right? But this approach often backfires… Discover how to lose weight quickly without regaining the weight back and compromising your health, plus a failproof solution (at the end of the page).

I must start with a disclaimer… Keep in mind that most plans to lose weight quickly are NOT a sustainable way to slim down over a longer period of time and keep the weight off, although they may kick-start your body in losing some weight real fast.

But if you have more than just a few pounds to get rid of, you’ll want to switch to a healthier weight loss program as soon as possible, to avoid any health problems.

Before going any further, I’ll say this again: don’t go on crash diets – no matter how desperate to lose weight quickly you may be! Why? Because crash diets and rapid weight loss ideas don’t work in the long run. They promise miraculous, super-quick results without side effects. But that’s just an exaggeration; you’re smart – you know it can’t be true.

That being said, let’s see…

How to Lose Weight Quickly – without  Health Risks

You’re stuck with that extra weight or an event comes up… getting married, a family celebration, a school reunion or another similar occasion, and you’re really desperate to lose weight quickly.

I get that.


If you’re willing to follow certain rules, some quick weight loss plans can have a great impact on your body shape.

And this might be just the bit you need to drop some pounds quickly and boost your motivation with some very real, tangible quick weight loss results.

There are two things you must be aware of:

1) The amount of fat your body can burn is limited to about 2 pounds per week. With this in mind, it is realistic to set a goal of losing 10 pounds of fat in 5 weeks. Or even 20 pounds in 3 months – provided you adjust your weight loss diet and workout routine for the plateau periods. But you have to make sure that you absolutely follow a smart, well-structured plan.

2) When you’re desperate to lose weight quickly and willing to do anything to get into those skinny jeans again, make sure you don’t starve yourself.


Because, not only will you put your health at risk, but you’ll trigger the starvation response, which kicks in as soon as your body senses a calorie restriction of more than 25% of what you usually eat. That’s because this caloric restriction is perceived (biochemically) as famine.

The starvation response means that your body is switched to “survival mode”, your metabolism is slowed down and set to store the calories coming in from food as fat – instead of using them for your energy needs.

As  a result, you feel sluggish, less alert mentally, your mood is low; to compensate, you get unstoppable cravings for sweets or other high-calorie foods. But since your body is in survival mode, it turns again these calories you’ve just eaten in fat storage for later use (when – as far as IT is concerned – a famine might occur).

You must avoid this no-win situation at all costs.

Okay, keeping the above two things on your mind, when you decide to use any quick weight loss system, here are the “rules” you must follow:

  • Get your doctor’s OK first – don’t even think to skip this step!
  • Be prepared to exercise each and every day: alternate strength workouts (resistance training) with high intensity cardio workouts (see the tips below);
  • Stick to the belly fat diet and cut all carbonated drinks, coffee, sugar and processed foods, as these interfere with your body’s ability to burn fat efficiently;
  • Use one or more ways to relieve stress to avoid high cortisol levels, which turn off fat-burning;
  • Get 7,5-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep to avoid the metabolic disturbances related to lack of sleep;
  • To avoid any health issues and nutritional deficiencies do NOT stay on these diets more than they are instructing you to, as most of them are nutritionally unbalanced. 

Here are the…

Six Quick Weight Loss Tips: How to Lose Weight Quickly without  the Fuss

  1. Keep your body hydrated – drink 8-10 glasses of filtered water (2-3 liters) throughout the day. Yes, that’s a lot; but water will not only help you get through the hunger pangs, will also flush from your body the increased flux of toxins that’s released from your fat stores, allowing for even more fat burn.
  2. If you are really desperate to lose weight quickly, you must exercise daily; alternate strength training (e.g. resistance training or a bodyweight, or calisthenics routine) with short bursts of high intensity cardio (e.g. HIIT, or high intensity interval training, which is the best exercise to burn fat fast).
  3. Avoid eating out with friends or family, as you’ll be more tempted to cheat. Even if only occasional, cheats diminish your efforts of losing weight in a short amount of time.
  4. Use natural supplements for weight loss (especially the power-trio: a fat-burner, omega-3 krill oil and whey protein) to give your body the nutrients required to burn fat efficiently.
  5. Get an infrared sauna session every 2-3 days, optimally preceded by a 15-20 min. power plate (vibration platform) exercise – you’ll be amazed with the results of adding this fat-melting mix to your quick weight loss diet and workout routine!
    You’ll find infrared saunas and power plate machines at most fitness clubs and natural health centers and they are almost always available even without a membership.
  6. As you achieve your milestones, find some other-than-food ways to celebrate your success: get a massage or a cellulite body wrap at a health spa, go to a show you love, or buy yourself a nice piece of clothing that fits your new, smaller size to reinforce your motivation to lose weight.

And one last thing.

Being desperate to lose weight quickly can easily lead to abuse and excesses. Drastic diets are NOT a good alternative. Not being crystal-clear on what you need to eat and how to exercise each day to stay on track and achieve your goals may be a serious obstacle that’s probably keeping you stuck. That’s why I suggest you take a look at…


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