Are You Considering Surgical Liposuction for Weight Loss? Read this First!

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Want to shape up quickly and wonder whether getting liposuction for weight loss is a good idea? Well, the quick answer is yes… and NO. Read on to find out why.

Yes, surgical liposuction is an effective way of removing localized pockets of stubborn fat from specific areas of your body – fat that you haven’t been able to trim down despite exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet.

At the same time… NO, you can’t use liposuction for weight loss per se, because lipo suction is rather a body-shaping (body sculpting) treatment.

If you’re having a substantial amount of fatty tissue all over your body, then you simply can NOT remove it all through liposuction – whether surgical or not.

And for reducing the size of specific body areas, like your tummy, thighs, arms, even your face and chin there’s a better way of targeting these areas (you can even do it at home).

But let’s go back to your diet and workouts for a moment.

If you haven’t been able to lose most of your extra weight with diet and exercise alone, could it be because you haven’t made these a daily habit?

Then it’s probably time for a change.


Can you honestly say that you’ve been eating to lose weight for at least a few weeks and haven’t got any results?

Have you been consistently exercising to lose weight without trimming down at all?


Then, you could have a particular health condition that makes you unable to lose weight.

In this case, it would be a good idea to talk to your doctor to find out what’s stopping you to get the extra weight off.

Speaking about doctors and to get back to using liposuction for weight loss, any lipo doctor will tell you that undergoing…

Liposuction for Weight Loss is a NO-NO

Plus, they’ll tell you that as a good candidate for liposuction you must:

  • not have more than 20-40 pounds over your ideal weight
  • be physically active and eat healthy
  • be in good health

In fact, if you have a medical condition (e.g. cardiovascular disorder, diabetes, kidney, liver or autoimmune disorder, and others) you shouldn’t consider liposuction at all. No plastic surgeon will do lipo on you.

Why? Because the risks are huge.

Actually, you must go through a comprehensive medical evaluation to make sure you’re a good candidate for liposuction before being given the OK to go through this risky procedure.

Even a body sculpting specialist performing the much simpler lipo without surgery in a spa will ask you to disclose your medical history and sign a form stating that you are in good health, not suffering from any significant disorder.

As you can see…

Considering Liposuction for Weight Loss…

…is a bad idea.

Think about this.

Different than weight loss (where the main focus should be on increasing your health and only the secondary one being on improving your appearance), liposuction is a cosmetic treatment is meant to enhance your body contour.

Rarely giving you a “perfect” body shape, liposuction merely boosts your self-image, hence your confidence.

But is it really worth it?

Why not focus on improving your health and self image instead of allowing yourself to be dangerously conditioned by the media?

It is perpetrating an unattainable “ideal body image” for decades with devastating health consequences… low self-esteem, depression, eating disorders, a negative body image in teens (and not only)… even suicide.

Luckily, that’s changing fast.

The trend of bone-thin celebrities is finally fading. Normal, curvy women (which are MUCH more sexually appealing to men) are becoming the norm, as proven by increasingly popular “overweight models”.

My personal opinion as a weight loss coach?

Drop the Idea of Surgical Liposuction for Weight Loss

Actually, you may want to think really hard before deciding to have liposuction on any part of your body… Yes, the liposuction results are tangible and immediate but you must have reasonable and realistic expectations of the outcome of this procedure.

Lastly, you must be aware of the serious risks of liposuction:

  • Horrible side effects (allergy, blood pressure problems, etc.) from the anesthetic or medication
  • Sagging skin from having too much fat suctioned
  • Having your muscle tissue or even vital organs perforated (the risk is higher if the surgeon is not properly trained and well-experienced)
  • Post-liposuction infection or blood clots, which could circulate through your body causing major complications
  • Permanent lumps, unsightly scarring, or even disfigurement

If you care about your body and your health, then you simply can’t ignore these real dangers of liposuction, which could cost you more than the actual lipo cost.

You might say… “OK, I get that using liposuction for weight loss is not a good idea, but how about using liposuction for obesity, in which the health dangers of carrying a great amount of extra weight are massive?”

Good question.

Suctioning a large-volume of fat from your body can be sometimes considered by your doctor – IF the risk of having such an extensive procedure is smaller than the health risks of your specific obesity condition.

However, undergoing liposuction for obesity is well-beyond the scope of cosmetic liposuction presented on this site; you really must discuss this with your health care provider to make sure it makes sense for your unique situation and decide together on how to go about it.

As you add it all up, keep in mind this: getting liposuction for weight loss is NOT a practical option; it’s far from being a replacement for healthy eating and exercising regularly.

Yes, liposuction is great for localized areas of stubborn flab… But even then, consider first the safer option of lipo without surgery.

And there are more (and better) alternatives. For example, this low-cost, DO-IT-AT-HOME alternative to conventional surgical liposuction might be just what you need >>

Want to look hot and wear sexy clothing… but are embarrassed about your flabby belly or thighs? Then forget liposuction for weight loss! For a fraction of its cost, you will look at least 20 pounds thinner with these fabulous slimming body shapers.

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