Promoting High-Quality, Related Weight Loss Websites

NOTE: As of January 2012 we stopped our links exchange program.  Want to gain exposure for your site? Consider writing for us!

Before requesting a link exchange with us, please read carefully the guidelines below to find out how we exchange links with other related weight loss websites.

We strive to provide our visitors with top quality resources on health, wellness, fitness motivation, healthy/organic nutrition, and other weight loss related topics. We do this ONLY through in-context links on relevant content pages, rather than on a Links/ Resources type of page with dozens of links.

So only continue if you do offer the same type of links (i.e., text links on valuable content pages). Otherwise, please do not bother requesting a link exchange with us; it will not be approved.

Also, we will NOT exchange links with online pharmacies, weight loss sites that market drugs, websites that have adult, political, religious content, automated sites that provide low-value content or that are “link farms” (using link spamming techniques).

Your site must:

  • provide high-value products/services that enhance people’s health
  • be free of selling hype, unsightly/flashing advertising
  • have the link to our site already in place when we review your request

Please respect your time and ours by following these simple guidelines.

If your site complies with the guidelines above, we will be happy to exchange a link with your site 🙂

To request a link exchange, follow the steps below:

  1. Place a link to a specific page from our site on a relevant page of your site, using the correct anchor text, i.e. our page’s file name: (the part after .com/)
    For example, if you’d like to link to our Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss page ( ), you must use the words: self hypnosis for weight loss
  2. Choose a page from our site where you think your text link would fit well in content (except the Home page)
  3. Fill out and submit the link exchange request form below

Your link exchange request will be reviewed in 2-4 business days. If your site is accepted we’ll finalize the link exchange and email you the details.

Thank you.

NOTE: Since January 2012 we’ve discontinued our links exchange program – hence the submission form is no longer provided. If you’d like to gain exposure for your site, consider writing for us!