“Dramatic Weight Loss Using Hypnosis is a Breeze…”

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..This is what 142 people undergoing a 8-week study of weight loss using hypnosis said after achieving significant results. A total of 292 overweight people participated and they’ve been separated into two groups, one used personality-matched hypnosis instructions, while the other used only conventional weight loss diets.

The net result?

After 8 weeks, the weight loss through hypnosis group lost an average of 16.5 pounds more than the dieting group!

Surprisingly, the group that achieved weight loss using hypnosis continued to release weight – or maintained the ideal weight – in the 2-year follow up.

If you’d like to know more details before deciding whether to use self hypnosis, you are not alone… Many people have justified questions about weight loss through hypnosis – here are the answers to the most frequently asked.

Weight Loss Using Hypnosis: Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How come hypnosis is so effective in weight loss?

A: That’s because hypnotherapy addresses the root causes of your weight problem: emotional eating (or comfort eating) and your weight set-point.

NO diet does this.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (January 2005 issue), even the most sophisticated weight loss programs don’t work in the long run. However, you can achieve significant weight loss using hypnosis, compared with using only conventional diets.


Because carefully crafted hypnotherapy scripts address your eating habits and self image issues at the core level (your subconscious mind), changing the way you think about food and the way you see (and think about) yourself subconsciously.

Q: What does my subconscious have to do with losing weight?

A: Your subconscious is the part of your mind that controls your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It holds your deepest beliefs.
If – subconsciously – you think that losing weight is hard or that it doesn’t last, you always end up rationalizing why you don’t exercise and why all diets fail you.

That’s where hypnosis comes in to help… The specific hypnosis instructions access directly your subconscious mind overwriting any faulty beliefs and setting up new, supporting ones.

Q: Can I really expect a dramatic weight loss using hypnosis?

A: Well, whether you overeat, resist exercising, or crave unhealthy foods – gentle hypnosis instructions help you distinguish between emotional hunger and real hunger.

All of the sudden, you have a powerful tool to deal with this issue, so you can focus on living a healthier, more satisfying life.

Used regularly for about 21 days, the specific hypnotherapy scripts change the way you look at food, at exercising and at yourself. As a result, you start eating in the same manner as naturally thin people… You stop craving sweets or fatty foods and binge eating.

How so?


Well, the hypnosis instructions sink deeply into your subconscious mind creating a new, healthier self-image.

A new image of yourself slimmer, more trimmed and fit.

Over time, you begin acting according to what you now believe is true.

And rest assured, you will not accept suggestions or commands that are against your core values or that may be detrimental to yourself or others.

Q: How many pounds can I lose safely with hypnosis?

A: Whether you have an excess of 10, 20, 50 or 100 pounds, it is going to be much easier to achieve your goal of weight loss using hypnosis.


Simply because hypnosis helps you change how you interact with food, eliminate your cravings, find the motivation to eat healthy foods, enjoy exercising, create a positive self image and stop self sabotage.

Q: Since when is hypnosis used as an aid in weight loss?

A: You should know that the idea of weight loss using hypnosis didn’t appear out of the blue… Interestingly enough, hypnotic trances have been used since ancient times – in Greek mythology, Hypnos was the god of sleep.

For example, Babylonians used hypnosis techniques for pain relief, Egyptians used it in their dream temples, Indian yogis and shamans used self-hypnosis as a pain-control tool, for meditation and as a spiritual ritual.

Although hypnosis is often speculated and shrouded in superstition, today this potent alternative therapeutic tool is used with great success in many fields: medicine, self-development, peak performance, sales, stress management, creative writing, even police work.

Many problematic issues are helped by hypnosis – weight loss is just one of them. Actually, achieving a significant weight loss through hypnosis is so common that both the American and the British Medical Associations have approved it. AMA approved hypnosis in 1958 and recognized it “as a useful method to deal with stress-related problems, like overeating”.

Q: What’s best: hypnotherapist sessions or self hypnosis for weight loss?

A: Well, it’s mostly about your cost and convenience. A therapist-assisted session is customized to your own goals of weight loss using hypnosis scripts adapted to your own issues. Hence, you need less sessions, less often. However, to achieve lasting results, you must go to a hypnotherapist office for at least 8-10 weekly sessions. Considering that a session is anywhere between $160 and $250 ( or more, depending on the therapist’s credentials and clientele), the cost is prohibitive for many people.

As a much affordable option (and to reach a larger audience), many experienced therapists developed various types of ypnosis instructions and techniques, based on several personality types and emotional issues:

All of these are powerful ways to re-pattern your subconscious thoughts and beliefs, but it’s important to choose the right hypnotherapy scripts based on your personality type, to avoid any resistance from your conscious mind.

So nowadays you don’t need to spend thousands going to a therapist’s office. Just get the right program for you, put on some headphones and listen to the hypnosis instructions repeatedly at home, at work or even in your sleep.

Q: What’s the difference between the techniques described above?

A: Well, various hypnosis techniques are more or less effective depending on the root cause of your overweight problem, on your emotional health and on your personality type.
Achieving dramatic weight loss using hypnosis is not only possible, but easier than you’ve ever thought previously – when you use the right hypnosis technique, most appropriate for your specific situation. Here’s how to determine what type of hypnosis instructions will work best for you >>

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