4 Self Motivation Skills: How To Boost Your Motivation to Lose Weight So You Can Achieve YourGoal of Getting Back in Shape

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Do you often find yourself lacking the self-motivation skills necessary to exercise or start eating healthy? Can’t muster the motivation to change any bad habits that interfere with your weight loss goal?

Don’t even begin to think in your head that a certain book or a certain person can give you weight loss motivation or make you to do something that you aren’t motivated to do.

Yes, books or people can inspire you; but the real, lasting motivation to lose weight comes only from within, from a positive mental attitude.

Believe it or not, your mental attitude is key to your weight loss success.

Why? Because through your beliefs and mental attitude, your mind controls your behavior.


When unavoidable setbacks happen and you seem to not be able to budge a single pound several days in a row, although you’ve been sticking to your eating and workout plan, your positive attitude helps you stay on track and not give up your weight loss goal.

When you go out with friends and temptation kicks in, it’s your weight loss motivation and positive mental attitude that empowers you to not give in and stay away from that scrumptious appetizer.

When you are tired or in a rush and feel like putting off your workout, it’s your mental attitude that triggers the internal drive and motivation to not abandon your routine.

Here are four simple but effective ways to develop your positive attitude and self motivation skills – once you do, you’ll get all fired up and able to follow through with any weight loss decisions you’ve made!

Self Motivation Skills: 1. Upgrade Your Unsupportive Beliefs


Losing weight is a long haul, complex process that you must believe is perfectly achievable for you.

You’ve probably heard this before: your beliefs create your emotions, which determine your behavior.

So, your beliefs are the true starting point.

Do you believe that being overweight is in your genes?

Do you believe that losing weight is hard?

Or that it is not going to work for you?

Or that it will only be temporary?

Do you believe you don’t have the money to buy higher quality foods or the time to prepare healthy dishes, or sit down and eat your meals unrushed?

Stop for a second and think about it.

Are these beliefs supportive for your motivation to lose weight, or are they sabotaging your efforts?

Remember this. YOU are the only one in charge of your beliefs. You can upgrade your beliefs the moment you decide to stop a certain repetitive thought pattern that isn’t supportive of your goals and replace it with a more helpful one.

Once you choose to believe that losing weight, becoming fit, toned and vibrant again is in your reach, you become unstoppable!

Self Motivation Skills: 2. Reframe What Losing Weight Means to You


Did you know that the very words “losing weight”, “dropping pounds”, “‘giving up food”, “working up a sweat” set you up for an incredible subconscious resistance and almost guaranteed failure to get and keep the weight off in the long run?

Neuroscientists have proven this to be true.

Here’s a bizarre fact about the subconscious mind: one of its most important jobs is to protect you from “losing”, “dropping”, “giving up”, or “sweating”. It will go the extra mile to make sure that these will not happen to you – ever! So, how can you avoid triggering massive subconscious resistance?

Simple, really.

Re-frame reaching your ideal weight using powerful weight loss affirmations. Use inspiring “power words” like, enhanced figure, increased muscle tone, power nutrition, smart training – and just watch the results!

Self Motivation Skills: 3. Clarify Your Reasons to Lose Weight


You may find this hard to believe, but it’s true: nothing will stop you from implementing the changes that you need to implement, as long as you get clear about your own, personal reasons to lose weight.

What are your reasons to get trim and fit?

A powerful reason has a great emotional charge to it. Something that really, really stirs you up. Something that makes you feel butterflies in your tummy.

What would that be?

Whether it is to improve your looks, to gain others’ admiration, or be a great role model for your family, focus on what really motivates YOU. As soon as you do, you automatically create a powerful emotional energy that pulls you ahead, towards your goal.

It’s true, improved health and well-being are the real reasons you should lose weight, but who cares? All the others well for your motivation to lose weight – or even better.

Self Motivation Skills: 4. Choose Well What You Focus On


Do you typically focus on negatives? Do you often complain?

Do you often say (or think) that you’re sick and tired of being overweight? That you’ve tried every diet and nothing worked for you? That you just don’t have the time to exercise – and even when you did, there was no immediate result?

Ignore it all!

Pull a pen and paper instead and make a list with all the benefits of getting back in shape. Here’s just a bit of brainstorming to get you started:

You will…

  • be sexier, more attractive
  • have endless energy and be more active
  • experience increased physical comfort, eased breathing
  • have soaring self-esteem and self-confidence
  • enjoy a better posture
  • sleep better
  • have increased concentration and well-being
  • have a new zest for life

Take it even further… Getting better self motivation skills makes you get:

  • renewed respect from your family
  • greater trust from friends and colleagues
  • the confidence to look forward to holidays and special occasions
  • better work opportunities

You will be able to wear trendy clothes, get appreciative, interested looks… Whichever it is, make sure these benefits are attractive to you – they’ll surely keep your motivation to lose weight high!

Then, each time you find yourself focusing on the negative side of being overweight again, pull out your list and instantly switch your mental focus for instant weight loss motivation.

When it comes to improving your self motivation skills, there’s only one way to do it: practice these skills regularly – practice makes perfect. You’ll be amazed at how strong your weight loss motivation becomes if you start using these positive thinking phrases >>

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