NLP Self Hypnosis Downloads: More Effective for You than Regular Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss!

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Self hypnosis downloads with NLP (Neuro- Linguistic Programming) hypnosis instructions and binaural tones work best for you if you’re self-directed, tend to rebel against authority and to resist others’ suggestions (even subconsciously).

These advanced NLP hypnosis instructions reprogram your mind to easily lose weight with hypnosis as you go to sleep at night. They are the best match to your unique personality type, being the most effective of all other type of programs of hypnotherapy for weight loss.

Think about it.

Losing weight doesn’t start with ‘magic pills’. It doesn’t even start with eating less and exercising more.

It starts with your subconscious mind, which if you haven’t been able to lose weight and keep it off, may hold powerful barriers to achieving your ideal weight.

Just imagine, self hypnosis downloads help you power up your thoughts and free your subconscious from the blockages that run behind your everyday conscious thinking.

Impossible to ignore, these blockages sabotage your efforts of maintaining a healthy eating plan and a consistent exercise program.


Because no matter how strong is your desire to follow a healthier lifestyle, no matter how many times you have consciously decided to change your eating habits and to exercise regularly, something gets in the way every time. That’s what happens to most overweight people.

Believe it or not, this “something” resides deep in your subconscious mind and until you don’t re-program it, your efforts are futile.

As you are about to discover, you can re-program your mind with hypnotherapy for weight loss, but make sure you use high quality self hypnosis downloads that contain:

  • relaxation inductions and deepenings
  • binaural tones and stereo imaging
  • advanced NLP techniques, like future pacing and analog marking

Why? Because only these sophisticated features have the capacity to access your subconscious patterns and re-program them so they will support your conscious decisions.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss with NLP Embedded Commands

We need a bit of background on NLP… You may have heard that NLP, which stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is the “Psychology of Excellence and Technology of Achievement”. It is all about the dynamics between mind (neuro) and language (linguistic) and how their interplay effects our behavior (programming).

In short, NLP works on your mind helping you to adopt empowering beliefs easier, so change for the better is effortless and natural.

Through embedding future pacing, a powerful NLP technique in self hypnosis downloads, you become able to “see” yourself in the future already having achieved your weight loss goal. Since your subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between a real scenario and one that is visualized, it will work harder to help you pull off the visualized goal much faster. Then, analog marking, another effective NLP technique, enhances the meaning of words perceived by your mind.

It actually makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

You won’t find this unusual approach to hypnotherapy for weight loss anywhere else.

Self Hypnosis Downloads with Binaural Tones

What are binaural tones, you ask?


First, you should know that binaural tones (beats), also known as brainwave entrainment, are not actually heard by your ears. Rather, you perceive them in your brain when two slightly different frequencies are played separately in each ear using stereo headphones.

For example, when a frequency of 240 Hz is played in the left ear and a frequency of 250 Hz is played in the right, your brain creates a third tone, a binaural tone of 10 Hz.

Second, binaural tones are very similar to the alpha brain waves, which everybody talks about nowadays. They allow for a much deeper relaxation, similar to a deep meditative state or to the pre-wake and pre-sleep drowsiness, when any hypnotic suggestion bypasses the censorship of your conscious mind, accessing directly your subconscious.

The real value of this advanced form of hypnotherapy with NLP and binaural tones?

It allows your subconscious mind to bring about the change that can not happen otherwise. In other words, you become attuned to new habitual patterns with no effort.

As you can imagine…

Effective Self Hypnosis Downloads…

…must be produced by therapists with full credentials, long trained in hypnotherapy for weight loss working with a team of sound engineers using state-of-the-art studio equipment.

It’s no secret that Steve G. Jones, M.Ed., a board certified Clinical Hypnotherapist who has been in practice since the 1980s, is one of the best providers of highly effective weight loss self hypnosis downloads containing both NLP and binaural tones.

Why would you take a look at them?

No, not because he’s the author of 14 books on hypnotherapy and his research was published in psychology journals across the country. Not even because he’s a member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy, president of the American Alliance of Hypnotists and the director of the California-registered Steve G. Jones School of Hypnotherapy.

Forget credentials! You want proof, right?

Well, he works extensively with business professionals and Hollywood stars, writers, directors and producers, helping them achieve their mighty goals, so he can help you achieve yours too.

In fact, with Steve’s self hypnosis downloads you can re-program your mind to achieve your weight loss goal in your sleep (you’ll actually sleep better). Using these audios once a day at night for 21 consecutive days will cause you to burn more calories, suppress your appetite, stop binge eating, and start to love exercising. Just listen and watch the results!

Remember this.

If you want to put an end to constant dieting and lose weight without feeling hungry or deprived, try Steve’s MP3 downloads each day for three weeks. They come with 100% money back guarantee, so if you’re not happy with the results you don’t lose a thing.

You can get these studio-quality self hypnosis downloads separately, depending on what you need:

Click on the individual images above for details about each program.

Or, get them all as a package, Weight Loss Power Pack, for the biggest savings.

NOTE: These NLP self hypnosis downloads are for you if you tend to resist going with the “flock”, rebel against authority and often resist others’ suggestions.
If this doesn’t describe you, here’s how to determine which specific hypnosis instructions are the right ones for you >>

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