Discover an Unfailing, Safe Weight Loss Plan to Get the Extra Weight Off without Dieting, Slimming Pills or Surgery

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Want to find out about the most effective and safe weight loss plan that will work even if you have a lot of weight to drop, don’t have steel willpower, time to exercise or are an emotional eater?

Then listen to this fascinating interview with Jon Gabriel.

This is the second one in the series of topics specifically requested by site visitors like you and builds on the interview with Marilu Henner, where she offers a lot of free weight loss help.

Over the next half hour you’ll find out how, after becoming morbidly obese in 2001, Jon lost a massive amount of body fat: 226 lbs (103 kg) over the next two and a half years – all without dieting, surgery or slimming pills.

Plus, how he kept it off for 10 years now. He teaches successfully his safe weight loss method to millions, regardless of age, gender and genetics.

Jon is constantly featured in newspapers, magazines, on radio and television. His books and audio programs are 5-stars best-sellers all over the world, so you know his method works.

You can use his proven and safe weight loss plan too and melt the stubborn body fat once and for all. You too can break free from the frustrating cycle of yo-yo dieting with this easy to implement mindset shift.

Jon is a very practical guy and an awesome weight loss coach, probably the best I know. In fact, I point many of my clients to his unfailing and totally safe weight loss method.

A mind-based weight loss plan that took Jon from 410 pounds (186 kg) to a 187 pounds, fit body:


In this exclusive interview Jon reveals:

  • a unique method of melting body fat naturally without special meal plans, calorie counting, slimming pills, or extreme exercising
  • which specific factors activate the fat storage mode and the FAT programs in your body making you unable to lose weight
  • how to access your body’s fat switch and make it WANT to burn the fat rather than store it
  • which foods to add to your normal diet to eliminate the nutritional deficiencies that stop you from losing weight
  • how to offset any sugar or other food cravings that might torment you…

…and much, much more.

In fact, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover that Jon Gabriel’s method is not only a safe weight loss plan fully endorsed by the medical community and the mainstream media, but its results are dramatic and permanent – without dieting, hunger pangs or strenuous exercising.

But enough talk.

Download this insightful audio interview, which is a mp3 file (right-click on the link below and choose Save Target As…) and listen to it on your computer or iPod, at home or in the car.

Send this page to your friends who’d like to know about such a safe, practical weight loss plan with dramatic results, they’ll be grateful you did 🙂

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