Rapid Weight Loss Ideas Not Working for You? Try these Healthy Weight Loss Tips

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If you have a lot of weight to lose, you probably look for rapid weight loss ideas, right? You should know that most of the methods of rapid weight loss are bound to fail and here’s why – along with some realistic and healthy weight loss tips for get your extra weight off (and keep it off in the long run).

So let’s see first WHY most rapid weight loss ideas don’t work.

If you are like most people wanting to lose a lot of weight quickly unaware about the best way to to burn fat, you’ve probably tried several so-called “quick weight loss diets” – only to suffer the disappointment of gaining all the weight back, and then some.

Are you wondering why?

Well, because most conventional diets are unrealistic, low calorie diets (approx. 1,000-1,200 calories/day). But that’s only 50%-60% of what you normally eat so your body enters the starvation mode – when your fat storage is protected against rapid weight loss at all costs.

As a result, the weight you lose from such a low calorie diet is muscle mass and water, NOT fat.

So if you try to lose more weight by cutting more than 1/5 of what you’re currently eating, you’ll end up gaining all the weight back and more, as soon as you return to your normal eating.

That’s because your body can’t tell the difference between low calorie dieting and starvation.

As described in the how to lose body fat section of this site, cutting anything more than 20-25% of your daily intake (the equivalent of approx. 500 calories/day) is not among the best ideas, as it triggers your body’s “starvation response”


During the “starvation physiology” your body produces lipoprotein lipase, an enzyme that forces your metabolism to slow down and to hold onto its fat storages.

As a result, you start to experience loss of muscle mass, high levels of fat-storing hormones, a bigger appetite, irritability, lethargy, even depression.

With a massive willpower you might get a temporary weight loss on a low-calorie diet, but eventually you’ll get increasingly fatter on less food.

That’s the main reason these low calorie, rapid weight loss diets don’t work.

However, there are a few…

Quick Weight Loss Tips that Do Work

As opposed to very low calorie dieting, there are a few healthy weight loss tips that help you lose weight quicker:

So don’t waste your time and health with rapid weight loss ideas that don’t work. You may want to try some of the healthy weight loss tips listed above and see much more realistic results.

And, remember to…

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