Beyonce Overweight? Or Not?

Was Beyonce overweight before she began shooting Dreamgirls? Really?If she was, then what can you say about the so-called “overweight models”? You may have heard that actors and especially actresses often need to gain or lose weight for a role, right? Well, Beyonce was getting ready to play the part of a singer reminiscent of Diana Ross.Now, if you look … Read more

Overweight Models: Are You Ready toJoin the Body Image Revolution?

It may be true that overweight models don’t always get to wear the latest European designs, they don’t make as much money and even get fired…If you didn’t know, this was the case of 5’10″/120 pounds Filippa Hamilton, Ralph Lauren model fired for “being overweight”. But as the gaunt look goes out, this may be changing sooner … Read more

Overweight Actresses and Actors – Are They Becoming Today’s Role Models?

What do you think about overweight actresses and actors that are promoted in the show biz, like Kirstie Alley, Ruth Jones, James Corden and other overweight celebs? Do you think that they’re becoming role models for our young generation, just like Professor Michael McMahon of the Nuffield Health Center, who thinks that “fat celebrities” are being seen … Read more

Celebrities Overweight …Celebrities Weight Loss…Why are These Such Hot Topics Today?

Unless you live under a stone, you know that the number of celebrities overweight is growing–along with their popularity: Oprah, Queen Latifah, Charlotte Coyle, Liza Snyder, Jill Scott, Jennifer Hudson, Christina Schmidt, Kim Coles, Johanna Dray, Kirstie Alley, and so on. In the real world, if an employer told you that you had to lose 20 pounds … Read more

Free Weight Loss Help & Motivation: Exclusive Audio Interview with Weight Loss Coach, Best-selling Author and Film Celebrity Marilu Henner

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Who Else is Looking for a Quick Weight Loss System? Two Such Systems Reviewed

If that’s you, you should know that every quick weight loss system is controversial, although the results are almost always impressive. We’ll review a couple of such quick weight loss systems in a moment… But before, we need a bit of background on why conventional quick weight loss diets (which typically are very low calorie diets) don’t work … Read more