Overweight Models: Are You Ready toJoin the Body Image Revolution?

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It may be true that overweight models don’t always get to wear the latest European designs, they don’t make as much money and even get fired…
If you didn’t know, this was the case of 5’10″/120 pounds Filippa Hamilton, Ralph Lauren model fired for “being overweight”.

But as the gaunt look goes out, this may be changing sooner than you think. In a moment you’ll discover how celebrities are advocating for a more realistic new standard of women’s beauty in the Western world.

That’s because in spite of outdated fashion rigid standards, beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes and, as you know, different body types.

So naturally, an increasing number of so-called “overweight models” are becoming famous and successful. These days you can see more and more once considered overweight models on the cover of famous magazines.

As you can see, they’re not even trying to hide these beautiful bodies of normal size women under any clothes…

In fact, the 2009 November issue of Glamour magazine has been getting lots of kudos after featuring such a daring spread of gorgeous, self-confident naked models – there’s not a size 0, 2 or 4 in this group!


And Glamour is not the only one promoting overweight models. More quietly, V magazine and the Australian Marie Claire do it too.

And designer Mark Fast challenged size 0 again at this season’s London Fashion Week and keeps his plus-size models for the fall 2010 season.

Why are such designers’ names on every fashionista’s lips these days? Well, simply because real people can’t possibly wear the clothes you still see on the catwalk nowadays. Then, there are many celebrities overweight who want high-end designer outfits.

Emaciated, Super-skinny Super-models…

…greatly contributed to women’s negative body image and a pandemic of self esteem issues and eating disorders for decades.

This, in spite of the fact that the majority of men find curvy women much more sexually appealing than the boy-like form sported by most supermodels.

Today many overweight women celebrities talk openly about the pressure to stay thin; sadly, it is women who are under the most pressure.

While the Paparazzi might take photos of men like Russell Crowe with his gut hanging over his swim trunks, his photos don’t get as much attention as a bikini-clad Brittney with an extra 20 pounds on her backside…

But how did this entire obsession for skinny women begin?

Well, the Barbie doll probably started the whole thing of a super-skinny shape – “ideal” that no woman could possibly achieve!

Then, the popularity of English model Twiggy didn’t help either. Overweight models were unheard of those days…

Yes, with breast implants, women can be pencil-thin and still bosomy – but this doesn’t happen naturally.

You’ve noticed that when you lose weight, the boobs are practically the first thing to go, right?

Curves Ahead

Normal size models wearing real-life and plus-size fashion are not an exception any longer.


Take a look at Emme Jacob, one of the most successful curvy models. She’s the first plus-size model to be called a “supermodel”.

Selected twice as one of the “50 Most Beautiful People” by People magazine and among the “25 Most Influential Women” by Biography magazine, Emme is not only a plus-size supermodel…

She is among the most loved overweight celebs – a television personality, clothing designer and women’s advocate for positive body image, self-esteem and self-acceptance, who have set a refreshing (and more realistic) new standard of beauty – both in the U.S. and abroad.

Like most overweight celebrities, she was told at one point that she needed to lose a great deal of weight in order to be successful, but instead of starving herself to blend in, she focused on being healthy and accepting her body instead.

And if you agree with Emme who says, “it’s the beauty of our differences that makes life so wonderful”, you’ll also agree that plus-size wardrobe options eliminate the frustration of dressing, allowing you to look and feel fabulous each and every day.

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