Overweight Actresses and Actors – Are They Becoming Today’s Role Models?

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What do you think about overweight actresses and actors that are promoted in the show biz, like Kirstie Alley, Ruth Jones, James Corden and other overweight celebs?

Do you think that they’re becoming role models for our young generation, just like Professor Michael McMahon of the Nuffield Health Center, who thinks that “fat celebrities” are being seen as role models, hence making dangerous weight gain appear normal?

On the other hand, popular stars like Kate Winslet, Scarlett Johanssen, Beyoncé – to name just a few – have said that the “gaunt look” promoted by most of the fashion industry today is not only unhealthy, it contributes to anorexia in teenage girls, who strive to get the skinny look, no matter what body types they have.

You’ve probably heard that overweight actresses, singers and models are denied jobs…

How long till we stop conforming with what media thinks is right??


On the other hand, you should know that many celebrities are able to lose weight fast and get the part only by using what’s commonly known as “celebrities weight loss diets”.

For example, Beyoncé Knowles lost weight quickly for her role in the film Dream Girls (and then gained a lot of it back).

Although being overweight is seen by Western media like something to be ashamed of, many overweight actresses talk about the diet or exercise program that they are following. For instance, Marie Osmond talked openly about starving on Dancing with the Stars. While burning 1500 extra calories per day during the practice sessions, she ate less, sticking with salads – even said that “every chick’s on a diet”.

If you watch overweight celebrities talking about their weight issue and becoming spokespersons for Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem and other corporations in the weight loss industry, you see how – inevitably – many of them pile the pounds back on, sometimes in a relatively short period of time. But that’s mostly because the specific diet they’ve been on was likely a fad, not the way of how smart celebrities lose weight.

Believe it or not, there’s a tremendous amount of pressure on any celebrity – most of the times it is precisely this pressure that contributes to their weight problem in the first place.

For instance, Oprah Winfrey talked recently about how the stress of doing her show every day contributed to her re-gaining 40 pounds, putting her back up to the 200 pound mark.

From what she said, it sounds like she didn’t have enough “me” time…

Does this sound like you too?


Overweight actresses are no different. If they don’t take some time out, they end up stressed, exhausted, experiencing serious health problems.

So you might say that the popularity of overweight celebrities contributes to the obesity problem we face in our country today. Or, you might say that gaunt models and actresses are responsible for the severe eating disorders like anorexia.

You’d be right either way.

The truth is that we need more role models that are at the optimum weight, healthy and fit versus just skinny. Did you know that Leah Green, who was voted Miss England in 2008, was turned down by one modeling agency after another? It’s true. The reason? She wasn’t skinny enough!

Agonizing, isn’t it?

Luckily, so-called “overweight models” like Emme Jacob inspire us to start accepting our bodies – as the necessary first step to achieving a healthy weight and being able to maintain it long term. I think Oprah would agree… don’t you?

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