Knee Liposuction: Done by Itself or with an Inner Thigh Lipo, Could it Be Your Answer to Shapely, Sexy Legs?

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Less common than inner thigh lipo, knee liposuction is a popular knee fat-reduction procedure, but aesthetically challenging when done by itself. Read on to…

…find out whether knee lipo is for you, how it is done and some of the limitations and dangers of liposuction of the knee you should be aware of.

You’re likely considering this procedure because you may have unsightly fat behind or on either side of the knees giving your legs a chubby appearance.

To give you a smoother, slimmer and more symmetrical body contour, you may also need to combine this procedure with an outer and/or inner thigh lipo.


Once this is done, make room in your closet for shorts and shorter skirts and go ahead, show off your sexy legs!

But before, let’s see…

How Is Knee Liposuction Done?

Depending on the type of lipo procedure used, it may be done under local or general anesthesia.

Then, the surgeon makes a couple of small incisions just behind your knee inserting here small cannulas that suction the fat.

Although your knee will usually be bent during the surgery, your surgeon will straighten it from time to time to check how much fat is being removed so that your kneecaps aren’t covered by fat any longer.

Lastly, the incisions are stitched, bandaged and you’ll be fitted with wrap similar to a knee brace to reduce swelling and bruising and to help with the healing.

Here’s something else you must know about…

…Having Liposuction Done on Your Knees.

You can combine this surgical procedure with liposuction to remove fat from your thighs, buttocks and hips.

Obviously, if you go this direction, the total lipo cost will be significantly higher than if you were just doing the knees.

Plus, whether you get your desired result depends on several factors, like…

  • the elasticity of your skin
  • how much fat needs to be removed from how wide an area
  • any old scarring left from previous body contouring you might have had.

Recovering from Knee Liposuction

To ensure a full and fast recovery and because the knee is a joint area requiring special attention, you’ll be asked to follow certain recommendations.

Your surgeon will give you specific instructions tailored to your particular situation; here are some that you can certainly expect:

  • Bed rest with keeping the legs raised on a pillow for a few days after the surgery to minimize the swelling
  • Using a cane (or even a wheelchair) if you have to move around – to reduce the impact on your knees
  • Changing the bandages regularly and keeping the area dry to avoid an infection
  • Not having a bath or shower for about a week after the surgery
  • Lightly massaging your lower legs for a couple minutes a few times per day from your ankle towards the knee to improve the blood and lymphatic circulation in this area
  • Wearing compression garments to provide extra support
  • Exercising lightly your lower legs daily with calf raises and heels lifts on your tiptoes
  • Avoiding bending your knees, running or too strenuous lower body exercise for three weeks or even more

You should be aware of certain…

…Dangers of Liposuction of the Knee

The knee may seem like a small area to be worked on, but like in any kind of liposuction treatment there are certain side effects and possible risks with a knee liposuction. For example…

  • You’ll experience pain, tissue trauma, swelling and bruising for about a couple of months
  • It will take a few weeks before you get over the stiffness
  • Because your knees bear the brunt of your weight, you can’t be overly active before the time is right
  • There’s a possibility that you’ll end up with unevenly shaped knees

As in any decisions involving any kind of liposuction, you should get expert advice from an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. This way you can expect to be in the best of hands. Most importantly…

…when it comes to getting lipo done on your knees, don’t even think to go for a low cost liposuction procedure!


Because these are typically offered by less experienced (or not even certified) practitioners. But your health and safety are too important to risk harmful complications – or even disfigurement.

There’s one more thing you should know…

Non-invasive Alternatives are Available

These are fat-reduction treatments for the knee area that don’t involve surgery to remove the fat from your knees. These relatively new methods use heated lasers or radiofrequency waves combined with massage to melt unwanted fat.

Yes, with non-surgical liposuction you will need repeated sessions; but if you want to eliminate the risk of possible complications that are inherent to conventional knee liposuction, you may want to consider the various types of lipo without surgery.

And there’s more.

When it comes to surgery-free options to knee lipo, this low-cost, DO-IT-AT-HOME alternative might be just what you need >>

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