Inner Thigh Lipo: Will You Be Able to Show Off Your Sexy Legs? See If You Qualify!

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You may be wondering whether an inner thigh lipo could give you nicely contoured thighs… Well, in most cases YES –  and it also restores your self-confidence for an all-inclusive lipo cost. However, there are certain limitations that you should be aware of…

…in which case you’ll discover here some interesting lipo without surgery alternatives.

Are your thighs jiggling or rubbing together when you’re walking?

Have you lost a lot of weight and now have loose thighs?

Are you terrified to wear a bathing suit at the beach?

Then, a liposuction of the inner thigh may be just what will solve all these; you might also need a knee liposuction, depending on your specific situation.

As you may have noticed, due to the skin flaccidity in this area, inner thighs are the hardest to slim down through diet and exercise alone – especially if you have a pear-shape body.

If that’s the case, you probably have a natural tendency to put weight on the lower part of your body; although you may be really slim above the waist, have big inner thighs and knees and you’re concerned that this gives you a somewhat disproportionate look.

No wonder the discomfort, irritation and frustration you must feel!

But Will Inner Thigh Lipo Work for You?


You should know that there are certain confines with an inner thigh liposuction.

Consider this.

If you have flabby or wrinkling skin on your thighs or if your skin lost its elasticity, then a simple tumescent lipo won’t work for you. In this case, you should consider a laser-assisted liposuction procedure instead, like Smart Lipo.


Because the laser used in this more advanced technique stimulates the collagen in the area treated, which firms your skin giving your thighs an improved contour.

But not even this laser lipo might be enough; you may need liposuction AND a thigh lift – especially if you have lost a big deal of weight and have a lot of rippling, lax skin.

Another thing to think of is this.

If you are like most people, you not only have fat on your thighs, but on your knees too. Think about it… It won’t look good having nicely contoured, slim thighs that end in fat knees; so there are good chances you’ll need to have a knee liposuction too.

There’s one more thing to consider.

If you have really heavy, bulging thighs, having liposuction done only on your inner thighs isn’t going to reduce your thighs’ circumference on the whole.

To get nicely contoured upper legs, along with work on your inner thigh you’ll very likely need an outer thigh AND a knee liposuction as well.

Or, perhaps your hip and thigh anatomy is such that your legs are set closely together?

If that’s the case, don’t expect a liposuction treatment to completely remedy the rubbing of your thighs.

But whatever your particular situation might be, you must have a consultation with a lipo surgeon – there’s just no substitute for getting expert advice from one, or even more lipo specialists.

So, if you are at your ideal weight – or up to 20-40 lbs. above it – start by setting up a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon who will help you choose the exact lipo technique to meet your body contouring goals.

If you aren’t fully satisfied, go for a second opinion… or even a third.

There’s not such thing as too much info-gathering when you consider an inner thigh lipo. You need to be fully prepared and confident that you’ll have the best treatment possible!

What’s the Cost of Inner Thigh Lipo?

The lipo cost of getting fat removed from your inner thighs depends on whether the surgery is performed just on your inner thighs or on both your inner and outer thighs and/or on your knees.

The typical inner thigh AND knee liposuction cost is $2000-$5000, with prices varying from one geographical area to another – expect to pay more if you live in an affluent or exclusive area.

Since thigh liposuction is an extensive surgery, you’ll typically undergo general anesthesia. So you have to add up the anesthesiologist’s fee as well.

Plus, if you need to have removed a lot of fat and your skin lost its elasticity, then you may need a thigh lift too; this alone will cost you around $4,600. However, your plastic surgeon may give you a discount for a combined thigh lipo-and-lift procedure.

Another variable impacting your lipo cost is the type of liposuction you’re going to have, depending on the requirements of your particular situation (and your doctor’s preference). For example, you can have a laser-assisted surgery like Smart Lipo, or an ultrasound-assisted procedure, like VASER lipo.

Are you wondering whether you’ll be able to benefit from insurance coverage for an inner thigh liposuction?

The short answer: forget it!

Since this is considered an elective-cosmetic procedure rather than for function-corrective purposes, insurance won’t cover it. However, your surgeon may be able to provide financing or refer you to companies providing medical loans, like Capital One Healthcare Finance, Care Credit or Unicorn Financial.

Are you hesitant about having inner thigh lipo surgery at all?

I don’t blame you; you’d pay a hefty sum and expose yourself to possible complications and months of recovery without it being a medical necessity… You may want to consider instead the newer, non-invasive techniques of contouring your thighs through lipo without surgery.

And there’s one more option you might want to look at. For example, this low-cost, DO-IT-AT-HOME alternative to conventional surgical liposuction might be just what you need >>

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