Hypnosis Instructions: Using the Right  Program of Weight Loss through Hypnosis for You

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You may be wondering… what is the purpose of using the right hypnosis instructions in an effective program of weight loss through hypnosis? Without a doubt, to reach your weight goal without unstoppable food cravings, emotional eating bouts, struggle to exercise…

But how do different types of hypnotherapy scripts help you uncover and eliminate the real, subconscious reasons you sabotage your weight loss goals?

Well, carefully designed hypnosis instructions take your mind “into the future” so-to-speak, creating a new, slimmer, fitter self-image and setting a new, lower weight set-point for your body.

This way, your body continually adjusts and adapts your metabolic rate to achieve this new weight set-point.

But there’s more than that.

Advanced techniques of self hypnosis for weight loss help you train your mind to “see” yourself in the future, after you’ve lost the extra weight. When you’ve internalized this new image of yourself, your subconscious mind “accepts” your new body shape.

As a result, instead of sabotaging your conscious efforts – it supports your newly-installed behaviors of eating healthier and working out regularly, making these almost automatic.

Believe it or not, using the right program of weight loss through hypnosis with hypnosis instructions matching your own personality and emotional health could be your final solution to ending the frustration and struggle with the extra weight.

Yes, there are zillions of weight loss hypnosis audios out there – many of them even free.
But don’t be fooled – not just ANY hypnotherapy scripts will work for you.

By the end of this page you’ll know how to evaluate the best program of hypnosis for weight loss based on your personality type and choose the right instructions for your specific situation.

Let’s start with the classic…

Personalized Hypnosis Instructions


The most effective option is using personalized hypnotherapy scripts customized to your own situation.

Find an experienced, well-credentialed hypnotherapist in your area who specializes in weight loss, as a highly effective hypnosis program should be carefully personalized to address your specific needs.

You should be ready to commit to 8-10 sessions and expect to pay anywhere between $160 and $250 per session or more, depending on the therapist.

You’ll almost certainly lose weight with this type of highly personalized hypnosis, but if you are like most people, spending thousands on hypnosis for weight loss might not be doable.

So what’s your next best option?

Affordable Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss


The good news is there are various programs of weight loss through hypnosis that are effective, and much more affordable. True, the hypnosis instructions are not customized to your specific situation, but you compensate by listening to them repeatedly, at your convenience.

They come in audio CD or MP3 format, so you can easily use them on your player of choice.

For faster results, listen to the audios daily, preferably with headphones. Expect noticeable results within a couple of weeks or even sooner, depending on how often you use them.

Over the years I’ve used a lot of programs of weight loss through hypnosis, but only a handful use effective hypnotherapy scripts and are top-notch audio quality.

The programs I recommend below are professionally produced by well-trained and experienced hypnotherapists, not just any hypnotist out there (when it comes to effective hypnosis instructions, credentials count). These programs of hypnosis for weight loss come with a full money back guarantee – they are that good.

And there’s one more thing you should know.

Not all programs of weight loss through hypnosis are the same… With different hypnosis scripts you will get different results, depending on your emotional health, personal preference, and personality type.

Yes, personality type – you’ve read this right!

So, here’s how to…

Choose the Right Hypnosis Instructions for Your Personality Type & Emotional Health

To be effective for you each and every time, the hypnotherapy scripts you use must match the way your brain processes information, as not everyone does it in the same way.

Here are the four basic types of hypnosis – click on the link that corresponds to your particular situation to find out more about how these different programs of weight loss through hypnosis work to help you release the extra weight permanently, with the least effort and will power:

Traditional Medical Hypnosis: Do you follow directions easily? Are you pragmatic, logical and methodical? Do you tend to avoid conflicts and generally respect authority? Do you typically prefer organized, established structures and patterns?
Then, you respond best to the long-researched and well-tested traditional medical hypnosis – you’ll be actually enjoying weight loss with it >>

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Hypnosis: Do you tend to resist going with the “flock”, are more critical, use to question everything, rebel against authority and typically resist others’ suggestions? Then you might want to try subtler hypnosis instructions, like metaphors and “embedded commands” that engage and “distract” the conscious mind. These sophisticated hypnotherapy scripts – typically used in NLP and Ericksonian hypnosis – bypass the “gatekeeper” (your conscious mind), eliminating its usual resistance to external suggestions. Here’s how NLP self hypnosis downloads work >>

Guided Relaxation Natural Hypnosis: Do you carry deep, emotional hurt? Have you been verbally abused, treated unfairly, neglected or shamed as a child? Do you often struggle with low self-esteem, perfectionism, procrastination, feelings of guilt or depression?
In this case you respond best to guided relaxation natural hypnosis, which offsets the emotional disturbances in your energy body and any long-time emotional trauma.
You may want to try the gentler natural self hypnosis scripts >>

Subliminal Hypnosis: Are you a victim of serious physical abuse? Do you experience high anxiety, chronic stress, addictive behaviors, lack of concentration, memory or sleep problems? Then, you will benefit the most from subliminal hypnosis instructions. These are played at a higher, inaudible sound frequency set against relaxing music or nature sounds, so you can listen to the subliminal hypnosis audios even at office, while working.
These subliminal “hypnotherapy scripts” work in the back of your mind being quickly absorbed by your subconscious, which then automatically changes any unhealthy behaviors… Take a closer look at how subliminal weight loss works >>

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