How Celebrities Lose Weight: Revealing Celebrities Weight Loss Secrets

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If you are like most people wanting to know how celebrities lose weight and want the quick answer, click on the banner below. For more on this topic, read on.


How movie stars lose weight is something of a hot topic. Just like the pictures of celebrities overweight make tabloids’ front page, so do their diets make headlines in real magazines and all over the net.

For example, they raved in the debate around the liquid-only diet (the “Master Cleanse”) that helped Beyonce – the top female artist of the decade (according to the Billboard magazine) – lose 20 pounds in a couple of weeks for her movie role in Dreamgirls.

But there are healthier (and longer lasting) examples of how celebrities lose weight.

As you may know, Oprah Winfrey has used a personal trainer in the past, combining a healthy diet with regular workouts – and yes, a great amount of determination. Not only did she lose nearly 80 pounds, she managed to maintain the weight loss (until her thyroid problem got in the way).

How would YOU like to eat well, be fit and in shape like celebrities as Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston, Samantha Lally, Kevin Costner, Charlie Sheen?


The Secret of How Celebrities Lose Weight

Believe it or not, all the celebrities mentioned above follow the Zone Diet, for the same reasons you may want to do it too: it keeps you in shape, sharp, feeling good, energized in spite of a super-busy, demanding schedule allowing you to eat filling portions of real, yummy food.

How good is this?

Dr. Sears’ Zone Diet is not even a “diet” in the usual sense; it is a simple, well-balanced, clinically proven insulin-reducing nutritional lifestyle that helps you re-set your hormonal balance, lose weight and keep it off for good without experiencing hunger or food cravings.

In fact, Dr. Barry Sears originally created The Zone Diet as a treatment for people with heart disease and diabetes – diseases closely tied to high insulin levels, the underlying hormonal disturbance that causes weight gain and resistance to lose weight.

Amazingly, patients on Dr. Sears’ 40-30-30 nutritional program (40% calories from complex carbs, 30% from proteins, 30% from heart-healthy fats), not only started to feel better immediately; most of them reported that they were losing weight.


How is this possible?

Well, this is because on Dr. Sears’ Zone Diet you eat…

  • Enough complex carbs to give you energy and keep you sharp mentally without raising your blood sugar levels and triggering an insulin spike
  • Plenty of protein to activate your fat-burning mechanism through the release of the hormone glucagon
  • Heart-healthy fats that allow your food to taste great, eliminate your food craving and make your body able to absorb the fat-soluble vitamins necessary for its optimal functioning

How Celebrities Lose Weight is Real Science

When you eat such a nutritionally balanced diet you have all the energy you need and your body naturally adjusts burning the fat and dropping those extra pounds.

And because you don’t have to make major changes to the way you eat you can stay on this program as long as you want – you might even enroll your family without them realizing they’re on a “diet”.

That’s how celebrities lose weight too. The Zone Diet is proven by science, real life results and powerful, no doubt, but what if you don’t have a personal chef – like most celebrities do?

Take a look at FormulaZone – the most popular celebrities weight loss diet.

Whether you’re too busy for complex recipes, need to prepare meals for your whole family or are already on a diet for heart disease, high cholesterol or diabetes, you’ll find it easy to burn fat while eating right with FormulaZone.

It starts you out with over 3,000 simple (sometimes decadent) recipes offering 12 easy-to-use tools to help you (and your whole family) lose fat while getting healthy. So why not use the best-kept secret of how celebrities lose weight to your own benefit?

How Celebrities Lose Weight on a Busy Schedule

Are you crazy busy too?

Working long hours or traveling a lot always gets in the way of following any diet, right? Instead of being restricting, FormulaZone menus are liberating – its interactive Menu Planner software allows you to stay in the “Zone” even when you’ve only got 15 minutes for dinner and no time for lunch.

The bottom line is this.

How celebrities lose weight is not rocket science; it’s weight loss science at its best: personalized nutrition and fun, delicious recipes using favorite foods – just like having your own personal chef.

Yes, on the Zone Diet you lose body fat, get back in shape, fit and vibrant without drugs, while eating like a celebrity.

But that’s not enough…

You need to take out the hassle of counting calories, planning your meals while still having your favorite recipes automatically adjusted each day for your caloric and schedule needs. It’s the closest to having your own personal chef – like overweight celebrities have.

That’s exactly what the simple-to-use, low membership FormulaZone software does – if you want to lose at least 10 pounds over the next month while eating great and feeling good, try it for FREE now >>

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