Good Body Fat Percentage: Find Out What Is the Healthy Body Fat Percentage for You

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Are you wondering what’s all the buzz about a good body fat percentage versus the “ideal weight”? Then read on. You will understand this useful distinction, along with the concept of a good body fat percentage in a world obsessed with the idea that “fat-free is good” and “all fat is bad”.

Also, I will share with you what I think is the best guide for achieving a healthy body fat percentage that shows you how to lose body fat quickly, with minimum of fuss.

You’ll want to find out about this guide because – if you are like most people – you need the ultimate fat-burning plan… The plan that will help you achieve a lean, fit body (and your ideal weight in the process) in the shortest amount of time, right?

But first, let’s backup for a moment… Is your body weight by itself an accurate indicator of optimum health and of a trim and fit body?

After all, a fit athlete can be overweight according to the standard weight/height charts, but not overweight by any fitness standard.

In fact, because fat is lighter than muscle mass, your weight may increase as you exercise. Why? Because you lose body fat and gain muscle mass instead.


Your body fat percentage is a measure of your body’s composition; how much of it is fat. Unlike your weight, your body fat percentage shows exactly how much of your body is made up of fat. So, it makes more sense to talk of a good body fat percentage rather than ideal weight, right?

As you can see on the body fat percentage chart, when it comes to a healthy body fat percentage, sex and age count. For example, if you’re a woman, a healthy body fat percentage is 19-31% (depending on your age), and 11-23% if you are a man. Big difference.

It’s easy to find out what is your body fat percentage using one of the many body fat scales available or one of the other 5 ways to measure body fat.

Good Body Fat Percentage vs. Body Weight

You must understand this:

Your body fat percentage shown by body fat scales is a much more accurate indicator of good health and fitness than just your body weight.

As you can see in the image above, if you have an athletic body, you can be significantly overweight according to body weight charts, yet very healthy and fit. This is because your body fat percentage is low and you have a lot of lean muscle mass, which weighs more.

On the other hand, if you have a sedentary lifestyle your body fat percentage is likely high and your lean muscle mass is low.

In this case, you may not look obese or even overweight, but still have a poor health and fitness level.

So what is the link between fitness and a good body fat percentage?

Well, fitness is about optimal health, high energy levels, an overall good feeling, and a trim look. Believe it or not, fitness is increasingly relevant as you age, especially if you are a woman. Why?

Because with advancing age, your body undergoes more stress (due to child birth and hormonal changes during menopause) in comparison to a man’s body.

And if you’re over 40, your body begins to naturally lose muscle mass along with bone density, as a result of complex hormonal changes.

So, your priority should be aiming to reach a healthy body fat percentage and a good level of fitness through non-strenuous strength training like, for example, a calisthenics routine.


Besides creating a healthy body fat percentage in women, this type of body weight exercises has many benefits. It’s quick, convenient (you can do it at home) and doesn’t require any piece of equipment. Plus, not only your muscles do not become bulky, but as fat is replaced with lean muscle mass, your body gets toned, looks slimmer and well-shaped.

Because lean muscle mass is heavier than fat, strength training does not necessarily help you reduce your body weight (if you have a smaller amount of weight to lose). However, it helps you reach and maintain a good body fat percentage, get fit, gain muscular strength and increase your bone density.

But above all, this type of strength training is convenient, helps you maintain a good health and brings back the vitality and youthfulness in your life.

Does all this make sense to you?

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