Free Weight Loss Help & Motivation: Exclusive Audio Interview with Weight Loss Coach, Best-selling Author and Film Celebrity Marilu Henner

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Would you like some free weight loss help and practical tips to overcome self-sabotage? Would you like to find out proven strategies of losing weight with less effort while getting healthier and more energized?

If so, and if added motivation to stay focused on your goal of dropping the extra weight once and for all would help you…

…get ready to listen to one of the most inspirational and funny interviews with weight loss coach Marilu Henner.

Marilu Henner is the best selling author of Total Health Makeover, Healthy Life Kitchen and Healthy Kids – among several other best sellers on the topic of living a healthy lifestyle at your optimal weight, without feeling deprived or in a constant “diet” mode.

Marilu is so much more than an author who’d overcame years of being overweight…

…She’s also a wife and a full-time mom leading a demanding lifestyle as a well-known actress who starred on Broadway, in several movies and hit TV series and worked with some of Hollywood’s best directors.

So she’s obviously in great shape.

When you say Marilu Henner, you say a ball of energy brimming with good looks, great health, zest for life, compassion and humor.

Her weight loss advice contains many of the failproof tips for losing weight fast through healthy eating, plus a lot of her own challenges, insights and wit.

The following interview reveals the truth about quick weight loss diets.

But not only that – it gives you a practical blueprint for getting and keeping your extra weight off – in the midst of a hectic life, while raising healthy kids and being an inspiration to your family.

Download this audio interview, which is a mp3 file (right-click on the link below and choose Save Target As…) and listen to it on your computer or iPod, at home, in the car or while working out.

If you’ll listen to it more than once you’ll be able to integrate her insights into your own life real fast.

Yes, send this page to your friends who’d like some free weight loss help and a big doze of compelling inspiration for starting and maintaining healthy habits for an empowered lifestyle, they’ll be grateful you did 🙂

Click on the image below to listen online, or right-click on the link and save the mp3 file to your computer.


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