Discover the Specific Foods that Cause Candida Yeast Infection Plus a Natural Candida Defense Solution

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Unfortunately, stuff that it’s often tasty is on the list of foods that cause Candida infection. But think about it… Would you rather suffer the nasty symptoms of Candida overgrowth for the rest of your life, or change your diet for a limited time? Speaking of diet…

Always remember that your diet is one of the main causes of Candida overgrowth.

So controlling the most important of all Candida causes is your best defense method, as it helps you to reduce or eliminate the debilitating symptoms of Candida overgrowth and the many related health problems that take the joy out of your life!

Before anything else, you should know that Candida Albicans is a type of yeast that feeds on sugar and thrives in high acidity. Obviously, the things you must eliminate from your anti-Candida diet is sugar in all its forms and everything that creates high acidity in your body (see the list below).

Yes, cutting these foods that cause Candida can be a decision tough to make and even tougher to stick to, because a lot of these are popular foods.

But you’ll see, the results are going to be spectacular!

Try a “Candida defense” diet for a month – take a look at some delicious sample menus from our Candida-free diet.

Then, when you finally beat the Candida infection, the resultant weight loss, return of energy and vitality, subsiding of mental, digestive and skin problems, your sense of general wellbeing, are all well-worth of exercising your discipline for a few weeks.

But enough talk. Let’s get down to the…

List of Foods that Cause Candida

Take a closer look at the list below – it’s not hard to understand why you should avoid these foods while you fight Candida:

–> processed foods – these have a lot of refined sugar and flour, preservatives, additives – all chemicals derived from yeasts or similar organisms; also, steroids, or residual antibiotics that worsen your symptoms of Candida overgrowth

–> smoked meats, aged/fermented/moldy cheeses – all these create acidity in the intestinal tract, encouraging Candida overgrowth

–> breads with yeast – obviously, any yeast aggravates your Candida infection

–> wheat, rye, barley, oats – these contain gluten, which converts to sugar in your body feeding the Candida overgrowth

–> pastries and pasta made with gluten-containing flour and/or yeast

–> starchy or sweet vegetables, cooked – like potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, yams, squash (except zucchini), beans, peas, carrots, beets, as they all convert to sugar

–> beer, wine, spirits – all convert to high sugar

–> caffeine, tea, chocolate – these have a stimulating effect which gives a boost to Candida yeast

–> mushrooms – they are fungi, which Candida loves to feed on

–> nuts, peanuts, peanut butter – most nuts are typically contaminated with mold

–> sugar, honey, maple syrup, agave syrup – obvious Candida feeders

–> fresh, canned, frozen, dried fruits and fruit juice – high in sugars, which Candida thrives on

–> pickles and all products containing vinegar – these foods create an acidic medium in the gut, acidity favorable to Candida overgrowth

–> mayonnaise, ketchup, commercial dressings – all contain vinegar

–> spicy foods – these always stimulate Candida overgrowth

That’s a LOT, I know. It’s time now for the bit of good news.

Try to avoid these foods that cause Candida until you bring your system back to a healthy balance – typically about a month, more or less depending on your general health and the severity of your Candida symptoms. Then, you can start to gradually bring them back in your diet, according to the Candida diet guidelines.

Bottom line is this.

First, if you want to put at rest the life-disrupting yeast symptoms, you must completely eliminate from your diet the foods that cause Candida listed above.
Second, remember that as Candida overgrowth is killed, your health and immune system must be brought back on track through an adequate supply of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and specific helpful foods as per the guidelines mentioned above.

To balance your body’s pH and blood sugar levels and compensate for the banned foods that (occasionally) you can’t avoid, you may want to use Candidate, a very helpful Candida defense solution >>

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