Healthy Fats and Nutrition for Fat Loss: Drop the Pounds Easier with Good Fats & Healthy Cooking Oils

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(How “Some Fats Heal, Some Fats Kill”)

Have you noticed the growing controversy about fats and nutrition everywhere you look these days? Would you like to be able to cut through all that noise and get the scoop on healthy fats, healthy cooking oils and the intriguing concept of “eat fat to lose fat”? Read on.

Before unveiling the top resources you need to make an informed decision about healthy fats and nutritional requirements for an easier weight loss…

…let’s take a quick look at why chemically processed (refined) vegetable oils – also known as hydrogenated fats – have been promoted so aggressively on the market for decades.

Unless you were living under a rock, you know that they’ve been used virtually everywhere: in all kinds of shortenings, margarines, snacks, cookies, and gazillions of frozen and packaged foods.


The reason?

Well, it’s been said that these refined vegetable cooking oils and hydrogenated fats are healthier for your heart.

But in fact, this industrial processing of oils and fats prolongs the products’ shelf life preventing them from becoming rancid, therefore unsalable.

And that’s why more and more nutritionists devoted their research to human health in connection with the industrially processed fats and oils.

According to Dr. Udo Erasmus – the #1 world-wide authority on oils, fats and nutrition:

“Degenerative diseases involving wrong fats – or the lack of healthy oils – prematurely kill over two-thirds of the people living in affluent, industrialized nations”

So let’s see what’s wrong with these man-made fats and oils.

Harmful Cooking Fats and Nutrition Basics

You should know that during the harsh process of chemical refining used to produce the conventional vegetable oils found in your regular supermarket, certain beneficial compounds sorely needed by your body are completely destroyed.

Among these are vital nutrients like oil-soluble vitamins, antioxidants, lecithin, and cholesterol-lowering phytosterols.

And that’s how, as a result of chemical refining, vegetable oils become harmful cooking fats.

Believe it or not, these kind of bad fats present in most processed foods have disastrous effects on your overall health, including your hormonal system, metabolism and storage of body fat.

How so?

Well, you may have heard that in order to function well, your body requires certain essential fatty acids (EFAs). They can’t be produced in your body; if they miss from food, you start to experience extremely serious health issues and a lot of symptoms of an essential fatty acid deficiency.

A Baffling Question about Cooking Fats and Nutrition for Fat Loss: Eat Fat to Lose Fat??

You may be surprised to find out that there are, in fact, healthy cooking fats that help you lose weight BIG TIME.

This may go against all you’ve heard by know, but it’s true.

The claim you’ve probably heard so many times that “all fat is a fat and as a result, it makes you fat”, is partially true… in theory only. But in real life, it’s wide off the mark, completely outdated and plainly misleading.

You should know that certain healthy cooking oils (like coconut oil) actually help you lose fat, because they turn on your body’s fat-burning mechanisms – the connection between coconut oil and weight loss is well-known.

Other types of healthy oils, like flaxseed oil, have a long list of health benefits, including significant weight loss benefits. With this in mind, always remember that a diet low in good fats creates in your body the exact opposite reaction than the one you’d expect:

  • First, it causes you to experience a hormonal-related hunger and unstoppable food cravings (particularly for fatty foods)
  • Second, you will invariably gain fat – due to a spike in your pancreatic hormone level (insulin), which causes fat-storage vs. fat-burn

So if you’re serious about your health, take a closer look at these…

Top Resources about Healthy Fats and Nutrition

It’s been said that aside from tax forms, nothing is more confusing than the biochemistry of fats and oils. That’s because a huge amount of research has been conducted on fats and nutrition, especially in the last two decades. Countless studies… Thousands of scientific papers have been published.

At the same time, many websites and books on the best cooking fats and healthy cooking oils might have confused you with fats’ chemical structure, molecules of carbon, hydrogen, methyl and carboxyl groups… saturated fats, unsaturated fats, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated,

Not very helpful – unless you have an advanced degree in chemistry.

That’s NOT what you need… Because in fact, all you want is practical info about different oils, cooking fats and nutrition enhancers, about the different types of fats and the easiest ways to use healthy cooking oils in tasty, everyday dishes.

Ultimately, you want to make sense of the intriguing concept of “eat fat lose fat”, right?

Well, our section on healthy cooking oils that promote weight loss saves you time and puts all this huge amount of complicated theory in plain language (if you’re interested in the full details on the research we’ve made, here’s the list of referenced studies on saturated and unsaturated fats).

And if you’d like to get up to date on the specific fats and oils required in a healthy nutrition, there are a couple of excellent books that you should take a look at – they are all written in plain English that everyday people like you and me can easily understand.

1. Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill by Udo Erasmus Ph.D.

Dr. Erasmus researched extensively oils, fats and nutrition. In this revealing book you’ll discover little-known info about the oils’ refining process that turns healthy fats into harmful ones, with disastrous effects on your health.

Listen to this…

“Healing fats are required, together with other nutrients, to prevent and reverse so-called incurable degenerative diseases: heart disease, cancer, and Type II diabetes. Healing fats also help reverse arthritis, obesity, PMS, allergies, asthma, skin conditions, fatigue, yeast and fungal infections, addictions, certain types of mental illness, and many other conditions.”

The sobering look at the effects of common supermarket cooking oils on your health that Dr. Erasmus provides in this must-read book might shock you… But without a doubt, you’ll be able to easily recognize the healthy cooking oils and fats on your next visit to the supermarket.


2. Eat Fat, Lose Weight: The Right Fats Can Make You Thin for Life by Ann Louise Gittleman Ph.D.

Dr. Gittleman, a.k.a. “America’s first lady of nutrition”, is a respected weight loss and detox expert and the former nutritional director at the Pritikin Longevitiy Center. In fact, you might have heard about her popular fat-burning program, The Complete Fat Flush Program, since it’s a best-seller with thousands and thousands of success stories.

Just pick up Eat Fat, Lose Weight – you’ll be glad you did… you’ll find here (in plain English) all you need to know about healthy cooking fats and nutrition and, of course, how to eat fat to lose fat and keep it off for good.


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