Top 10 Fat Burning Workouts to Lose Weight Quickly & Melt Stress Away: Which One Should You Do?

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Watch these VIDEO CLIPS & pick your favorite fat loss workout!

Are you turned off by brutal, iron-pumping fat-burning workouts designed primarily by and for men? You know you need to exercise to burn fat faster. But how to choose the right workouts to lose weight for you – for your preferences, specific needs and fitness level?  How to pick a metabolism-boosting workout that you’ll be looking forward to doing each time? (Because if your exercising routine is a drag you’ll soon stop doing it.) So here’s the answer.

Sample a few – take a peek at the video clips below showing some of the most effective fat burning workouts and see which type of fat loss workout resonates with you.

Decide which one (or two, or three) you’d like to do for fun.

This way, you’ll do your favorite exercises to lose weight quickly and consistently – just watch the fat melt away in no time!

Each of these super-fun workouts add definition and tone to your muscles reshaping your body to your feminine best.

Plus, they instantly boost your energy and endorphins levels because you’ll have so much fun! Pretty soon, you’ll dissolve any pent-up stress.

As a result, your body is getting out of the fat-storing mode, those nasty food cravings are disappearing and you’re sleeping much better.

You’ll get slimmer, sexier, fitter quickly (AND it will feel like play, rather than exercise).

As you decide on your favorite exercises to lose weight quickly, you may want to get the full DVD version of each type of workout routine (including warm-ups, cool-downs and step-by-step instructions) from Amazon.

So forget boring.

Forget going to the gym.

Forget risking joint injuries. Forget lifting weights, jumping jacks and squats.

Take your pick of any of these top 10 fun and excuse-proof options of fat-melting workouts that will make you look and feel fabulously feminine – which one will it be?

#10. Have a Blast with Low-Impact Hula Hoop Fat-Burning Workouts


Lose pounds of body fat and inches around your middle with this stress-reliever hula hoop workout! Did you know that each 10-15 minutes of this fun workout burns off 100 calories?

No matter your age, shape and size this (almost addictive) fat loss workout is ideal for when you need to increase your flexibility and balance with low impact on your joints. Plus, due to its remarkable left-right brain integration benefits, hula hoop workouts boost your memory and mental clarity while burning fat and toning your whole body.

Are you pregnant or struggling with baby weight? Hula hooping is a safe workout to stay in shape while pregnant and one of the best workouts to lose weight safely to your pre-baby size. What a fun fitness routine to do with your kids, family and friends because everyone loves hoop dancing!

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#9. Bollywood Boogie Fun & Sassy Fat-Burning Workouts


Shimmy and shake your way into better shape with the most fun, energetic mix of fluid cardio and feminine dance workouts to lose weight, get slim, sexy and joyful!

These incredibly sensual moves banish your inhibitions while working all the major muscle groups in your body, focusing on slimming your waistline.

Reveal your inner goddess, get fit, and have fun Bollywood style with three 15-minutes playful and flirty sequences – from gentle warm-up to fast-paced cardio that melts the fat away.

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#8. Joint-Friendly Waterobics Fat-Burning Workouts

Get ready for bikini season in no time with this aquatic exercise to burn fat! (Voted “Best Shape-Up Video by SELF Magazine)

Sculpt your body and strengthen your core muscles with these very simple water aerobics abdominal exercises that are relaxing and fun!

Gentle to your joints but super-effective, this fun and relaxing abdominal workout gives you the right mix of aerobics and low-impact strength training. Working out with this inexpensive styrofoam noodle makes you burn calories, shape up and build lean muscles. You learn to float, sit and even stand on the noodle increasing your fat-burning long after your fat loss workout is over.

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#7. Get Slim, Sexy Arms, Hips, Buns & Thighs with Bellydance Fat Burning Workouts

Do you like bellydancing? Dance off the inches with one of the finest bellydance cardio workouts to lose weight and never get bored!

No matter what your age, you’ll have a great time full of high energy, feminine sensuality and passion while dancing your way into great shape. This New York studio class mix-and-match layered bellydance routine allows you to create your own personal unique fat loss workout that liberates your inner radiant, joyful, sexy goddess!

You’ll want to use this beautiful, elegant workout again and again because it’s highly motivating and so much FUN – and that’s the secret. The more you do it, the more inches you’ll lose. It’s that simple.

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#6. Sculpt Your Body with Pilates Resistance Bands Fat Burning Workouts

Slim and tone your upper body, lift and reshape your lower body in no time with a 10-minutes resistance bands Pilates fat loss workout.

You know that Pilates is incredibly effective at reshaping and burning fat from your arms, back, butt and thighs; but adding resistance bands takes Pilates to the next level. You’ll be impressed with how fast your muscles get definition and your whole body is reshaped and beautifully toned!

You get five different 10-min. segments that you can choose from and do in any order you prefer, plus a bonus AND the resistance band, which makes this fat loss workout so much more fun!

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#5. Learn Sexy Salsa Dance Moves & Fun Fat-Burning Workouts

Getting slim and fit doesn’t have to feel like “work”! You know that Salsa is one of the most popular moves on any dance floor; how would you like to dance your extra pounds away – along with any stress and worries?

From easy warm-up shoulder and head rolls, torso rotations and tap flicks to sexy pelvic circles, hip hits, cha-cha steps and total body undulations you melt fat and reshape your body to upbeat live music and easy-to-follow instructions.

You’ll simply fall in love with this high-energy motivating fat loss workout full of gracefully flirty and elegant moves!

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#4. Yoga Fat Burning Workouts for Belly, Butt & Thighs

Yoga for fat loss is increasingly popular these days. Why? Because – unlike most traditional aerobic workouts – yoga exercises relieve stress big time while revving up your metabolism, strengthening your core and sculpting your muscles.

After only a few sessions you notice that they are incredibly effective workouts to lose weight, become stronger, calmer, happier, more flexible and grounded, with a renewed focus and energy. Get hours of yoga fat burning workouts for the price of just one yoga class!

You are guided through three 20-minute workouts to lose weight long after you’ve finished your routine and sculpt your trouble zones quickly. Plus, you get a complete core workout bonus that strengthens your abdominals and lower back and that enhances your joint flexibility and overall balance.

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#3. Be Your Own Gym & Get Lean with PiYo Fat Burning Workouts

Sculpt an ultra-strong core and amazingly defined abs, glutes, legs and arms that get noticed with PiYo!

PiYo is a dynamic but very low-impact fat loss workout that cranks up your fat-burning intensity in just 30-minutes! You get the core-strengthening and muscle-sculpting benefits of Pilates PLUS the lean body stretching, toning and flexibility benefits of yoga (hence the name PiYo) in a high intensity metabolic age-reversal fat loss workout.

Even if you’re not in your 20’s any more, when you want to take your fitness to a whole new level go for PiYo. This innovative workout speeds everything up – including your results!

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#2. Get Slim & Turn Back the Clock with T-Tapp Fat Burning Workouts

Whether you’ve been fit, completely inactive for years, or have back, shoulder, hip, knee problems you’ll LOVE the incredible results of T-Tapp uncommon fat-burning workouts (and will probably NEVER go back to any other type of exercising!)

That’s because T-Tapp is much more than an effective fat loss workout; it is a 15-minutes mind-body total rehabilitative exercise to burn fat and lower your blood sugar while rebuilding your muscles, bone density, body balance, brain health, immune system and all primary body functions. You notice an improved digestion, increased mental clarity and higher energy within the first week! 

Rather than your regular workouts to lose weight, T-Tapp focuses on inch loss because of the way your muscles are worked; they cinch in, pull up and re-sculpt your whole body very quickly. You just have to experience T-Tapp to see for yourself!

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#1. Get Lean the Fastest with HIIT Fat Burning Workouts

As you probably know, high-intensity interval training (HIIT for short) skyrocketed in popularity during the last decade to the point where it’s proven to be the #1 fat loss workout for sculpting lean muscles and boosting cardiovascular fitness at the same time?

But why is HIIT your best option – whether you’re currently sedentary, relatively active or a gym lover?

Here are some of the top HIIT benefits when it comes to dropping the pounds faster while getting healthier:

The best at-home HIIT videos for women? I’d say Belinda Benn’s Get Lean HIIT fat burning workouts. Why? Because this comprehensive program gives you everything you need, from injury-free correct form video explanations and adaptations for your specific fitness level to guaranteed total body reshaping in just 12 weeks.

Plus, you have the option to also get the fat burning nutrition eating plan designed with the right foods and meal timing to make you lose weight fast, balance your hormones, maximize your metabolism, optimize your energy throughout the day, while eliminating your hunger, food cravings, mood swings and emotional eating.

Pretty amazing, huh?

You’ll start seeing results after just the first week and they escalate continuously. So by the end of the 12 weeks you’ll love what you’ll see in the mirror: your new sexy lean body, feminine and fit; a new, reshaped body which you’ll be so proud to show off!

The best part of Get Lean program? By using both the HIIT workouts and the fat burning nutrition plan you won’t gain the weight back. Why? Because these two components work synergistically to reset your hormonal balance and weight point, optimizing your whole metabolism long-term.

So if you’re carrying significant flab, want to melt the fat away with super-short fat burning workouts and achieve your desired lean body SAFELY in the shortest possible time, take a look at HIIT and see WHY it may be just the right answer for you.

Find out more about Belinda Benn’s Get Lean HIIT fat burning workouts (and its many add-ons) here >>

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