Why Most Weight Loss Diet Free Info inthe Media is Plain Useless, Where to Find Reliable Free Diet Information and How to Make it Work for You

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Are you frustrated and confused by the avalanche of weight loss diet free info that you can’t really apply? Think about this: if you’re already eating to lose weight but don’t see results it is NOT because of what you don’t know.

Rather, it is because of countless diet books full of fluff, contradictory nutritional theories, outdated workout approaches and ridiculous “quick-fix” diet free info that constantly confuses you…

…while reliable healthy weight loss diet information, useful resources and tools are scattered and scarce throughout media.


How can you possibly know what’s good for your health, since nutritional requirements are so confusing these days? Open any one magazine and you’ll find several ads advertising contradictory slimming plans and outrageous promises.

How to decide which healthy weight loss diet to follow when all claim to be one-size-fits-all?!

And how to escape ridiculous claims for “secret slimming foods”, “magical drinks” and other “breakthrough” products in all those dieting books you’re probably fed-up with??

You are not alone. In fact…


Agonizing, isn’t it?

Do you think that the dieting industry is making this kind of money because this or that fad diet is working? Think again. It’s making money precisely because they aren’t working.

So forget all the hype and fluff in the media.

All you need is unbiased guidance to point you in the right direction. You want healthy weight loss diet free info that makes sense to YOU. Free diet information that you can apply to your specific situation, right?

You surely know that in today’s world, this kind of highly specialized knowledge is hard to find for free in the mass media. Knowledge is power – so don’t be surprised that this kind of info is not always easy to find… And even when you find it, is unlikely that you’ll use it consistently to get visible results.


Because – and this brings us to the second point – if you are like most people, you unconsciously sabotage your efforts… Yes, without even realizing it.

How so?

Well, limiting beliefs, unrealistic goals, harmful body image cultural programming, negative childhood conditioning (e.g. emotional trauma like shaming or pressure to perform), create low self confidence and a poor self image. These work in the background of your mind hindering your results on a subconscious level. Without you even being aware of it.

That’s why, if you fail to reset the default subconscious programming for a healthy lifestyle, all the best weight loss diet free info in the world is not going to help you trim down and keep the weight off.

But if you’re willing to try a different approach, here you can find…

Healthy Diet Free Info, Help and Guidance You Can Trust

In a hype-filled niche, Brainy Weight Loss brings you unbiased information you can rely on. Forget about constant obsessing about food, unstoppable cravings and emotional eating. Forget about nonsense products that compromise your health.

No confusion. No more fads.

If you aren’t new to this site you’ve already seen that WHAT you eat is not as important as to HOW and WHY you eat. You’ve already discovered that feeling unsatisfied and undernourished at a deeper level is NOT a matter of what you eat or don’t eat… because emotional hunger can’t be satisfied with food.

And because, when it comes to getting the pounds off with minimum of fuss, the mind-body connection can’t be ignored.

You’ve seen that if you struggle with extra weight despite healthy eating habits and being physically active, there may be underlying causes you’re unable to lose weight that you must address first.

So if you’re looking for reliable weight loss diet free info, practical ideas on healthy eating and getting fit in a world of fast food and minimal physical activity, you’re at the right place.

Here you find simple concepts that often go against the misleading “quick weight loss” and “miracle solutions” from magazines and ads – solutions that led you to yo-yo dieting, shattered your self confidence and yes, wasted your time, money and health.

Here, you’re not only discovering workout hacks and exercises to lose weight quickly and safely…

You find out about what kind of body type diet works best for you.

You learn how to use effectively smart tools like self hypnosis for weight loss  – very affordable tools that help you heal your relationship with food once and for all.

Before you forget…

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