The Ugly Truth about the Dangers ofBeing Overweight, Plus the Solution to Transforming Your Body & Health for Good

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Sadly, the dangers of being overweight aren’t popularized as they should… Every single weight loss system on the market fights the battle against the bulge emphasizing the appearance factor. But there really is no debate that the primary concern of being overweight is your health, NOT your appearance!

Read on to discover the full spectrum of risks and the solution to transforming your body AND your health in the minimum amount of time (less than 8 weeks) – or, jump straight to the solution now.

In talking about the dangers of being overweight and the impact of the morbid obesity rates, the statistics are scary. In case you’re wondering… In the United States 63.1% of adults are overweight or obese – according to the 2009 Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index findings.

But the real issue is that overweight and obesity rates have serious health consequences. About 300,000 deaths each year are related to being overweight or obese.


So, if – despite your efforts – you can’t get and keep the extra pounds off, be sure to address the underlying issues that could make you unable to lose weight and facing a greater risk of chronic diseases, as you’ll see in a moment.

Please consider this carefully…

The dangers of being overweight are way beyond your appearance and body shape! They span from social and psychological problems to metabolic, cardiovascular, sleep, joint and even cancer-related health problems.

First, psychological risks of being overweight include:

  • distorted body image
  • low self-esteem
  • high stress
  • depression
  • eating disorders

Second, being overweight means a significantly decreased quality of life due to:

  • limited mobility
  • low physical endurance
  • unhappy social life
  • relationship problems
  • major social discrimination, whether at work or at school

When it comes to overweight people and their careers, there are some sad statistics out there. For example, one research study, “Morbid Obesity, Occupational Attainment, and Earnings” published in Social Science Quarterly found that heavier people are more likely to work in low paying jobs being often left out of high-paying positions.

Should this be acceptable? NO. But whether you like it or not, this is the frustrating reality and it impacts greatly the life of millions of people.

Let’s take a look now at the medical risks. According to the (US Department of Health & Human Services), here are just a few of the…

…Health Dangers of Being Overweight

Type-2 diabetes (non-insulin dependent): Overweight people experience 100% increased risk of developing type-2 diabetes than people at a healthy weight. With type-2 diabetes, your blood sugar becomes hard to control causing havoc in all your body’s systems. Type-2 diabetes is a VERY serious health issue, the single most important contributing factor to many other health problems including kidney disease, blindness, heart disease, even premature death.

Heart disease and Stroke: Did you know that heart disease and stroke are the main causes of death and disability for people in the US? It’s true. That’s because being overweight increases the incidence of high blood pressure, a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke. Being overweight also elevates your blood cholesterol and triglycerides (blood fats) levels leading to heart disease, including Angina Pectoris, a type of chest pain caused by decreased oxygen to the heart.

Cancer: Among the dangers of being overweight you can’t ignore the higher risk of developing certain types of cancer. For example, overweight women are at greater risk of developing gallbladder, ovary, uterus, breast and colon cancer. Overweight men risk developing prostate and colon cancer more often than men at a healthy weight.

Osteoarthritis: Overweight people commonly suffer from this serious joint disorder, which affects the lower back, knees and hips. When you carry a lot of extra weight your risk of osteoarthritis is higher because there’s much more pressure on these joints. Studies have shown that for every 2 pound increase in body weight, the risk of developing arthritis is increased by 9-13%. Luckily, your arthritis symptoms will improve as you lose weight.

Gout: Gout is another form of arthritis frequently experienced by overweight people. This joint disease is caused by higher concentrations of uric acid in the blood, which leads to the formation of needlelike tiny crystals deposited in the joints. This causes great pain and mobility problems. You should know that the higher your body weight, the higher your risk of developing gout.

Sleep Apnea: One of the risks of being overweight affecting the sleep patterns, sleep apnea can cause you to snore heavily and even to stop breathing for short periods of time during sleep. Sleep apnea may cause daytime sleepiness and even heart failure. The risk of experiencing sleep apnea increases with a higher body weight.

Poor Female Reproductive Health: This is one of the dangers of being overweight that is often overlooked. Infertility, irregular ovulation, multiple complications of pregnancy, and increased risk of birth defects are just a few of the risks associated with being out of the healthy weight range.

The Solution to a Permanent, Safe Body & Health Transformation

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And all with…


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