Top 10 Coconut Oil Health Benefits: Why You Should Be Cooking with Coconut Oil and Enjoy it in Countless Coconut Oil Recipes

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Did you know that the many coconut oil health benefits have been recognized throughout Asia and the Pacific for centuries? It’s true!

For example, in the Philippines this oil is considered medicine food.

In Tahiti, coconut oil is known as the miracle healer.

In both these places (and many others) cooking with coconut oil is the norm.

Also, in India, Ayurvedic practitioners have known about the countless coconut oil health benefits for a very long time.

Even today, they use it in Ayurveda diet to help overweight people and a variety of digestive and degenerative conditions.

Surprisingly, these peoples are cooking with coconut oil habitually with a negligible incidence of cancer, vascular disease, heart disease, arthritis or diabetes.

Obviously, researchers started to look into this healthy fat and discovered even more: significant coconut oil weight loss benefits as well.

Western scientists were baffled.

They started to research closely the coconut oil health benefits and made an amazing discovery…

About 50% of Coconut Oil is Lauric Acid

…a substance found also in human breast milk. Well, believe it or not, lauric acid is responsible for most of the coconut oil benefits.

You should also know that lauric acid found in coconut oil fights many types of infections in the body caused by various viruses (herpes, flu, hepatitis C and HIV viruses), or bacteria (pneumonia, sore throats, dental cavities, urinary tract infections, meningitis, and food poisoning).

Among the many coconut oil benefits, there’s also a great ability to kill yeast and fungus infections that cause candida, ringworm, and athletes foot.


The only other good source of lauric acid is mother’s milk.

Just think about it…

And consider this.

Not only is coconut oil exceptionally helpful for pregnant women and nursing moms, but many baby formulas include it for its easy digestion and health-promoting value.

Also, athletes use it in many fabulous coconut oil recipes, smoothies and shakes for increased energy and endurance.

Top 10 Coconut Oil Health Benefits

Cutting-edge research has proven that cooking with coconut oil is best, since it doesn’t get oxidized at higher temperatures, like other vegetable oils. In fact, the list of coconut oil health benefits is long – including a lot of benefits of coconut oil in weight loss.

With regular use of coconut oil (3-4 tablespoons daily) you experience:

1. an improved thyroid function leading to increased metabolism up to 25% – hence increased fat-burning and faster weight loss

2. decreased symptoms and risk of diabetes – because coconut oil improves insulin secretion and absorption and your body’s use of blood glucose

3. greatly improved digestion and absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, amino acids and minerals (especially calcium & magnesium)

4. normalized blood pressure and a much lower risk of clogging or hardening of your arteries

5. improved anti-inflammatory response of your immune system

6. protection against a wide variety of cancers

7. significantly lower cholesterol levels

8. much lower risk of premature aging and degenerative diseases, since the consumption of coconut oil diminishes the free-radical damage in your body

9. diminished menopause symptoms

10. applied externally, coconut oil offers you great protection against skin wrinkling, sagging, age spots and skin blemishes caused by overexposure to sunlight – in fact, coconut oil is a natural emollient and moisturizer, a fast rejuvenator for dry, delicate and aging skin, the best massage oil on the planet; what it does to your skin… you simply have to experience.

Tip: if you have an expensive body lotion, first massage in some coconut oil – you’ll use a lot less of your lotion and you’ll find that coconut oil alone will smooth any wrinkles and make your skin soft and silky again.

Remember that to reap all the wonderful coconut oil benefits you must consume 3-4 tablespoons daily – but that’s easy when you start cooking with coconut oil on a daily basis. You’ll find that it’s not only healthy and helping you burn more fat, but incredibly delicious!

Don’t miss this ridiculously affordable way to lose weight easier and boost your overall health… Consider using coconut oil instead of all bad cooking fats and oils.

Along with a delicate, subtle flavor you’ll soon discover its many benefits, which makes it one of the most healthy cooking oils – as shown in the many books written on coconut oil health benefits. Take a look now to see their five star reviews at Amazon:

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