Neck & Chin Lipo: Can You Restore Your Graceful Neckline and Get Rid of Your Double Chin – at an Affordable Lipo Cost?

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Discover here how you can have a neck or chin lipo and change the look of your face (without anyone knowing) through a delicate procedure of micro liposuction.

Before anything else, you should know this.

If you are like most people having double or sagging chin…

… this area will not improve after losing weight despite a healthy diet and exercising.

However, you may be able to achieve a defined, sculpted look with a chin/jaw line liposuction.

But first things first.

Let’s see…

Is a Chin Lipo the Right Treatment for You?


You should consider this surgical procedure if you haven’t got (or think that you won’t get) significant results with the usual lipo without surgery treatments.

Or, if you have ever considered a facelift or a chin tuck, then this may be the right procedure for you.

It will give you the desired result without the pain, scarring, bruising and swelling that are associated with a typical facelift.

Also, there’s far less risk of having too much or too little fat removed, as the micro-instruments used nowadays are not bigger than a thermometer, which allows your plastic surgeon to have complete control over the fat removal.

How to Increase the Effect of Your Chin Lipo

You can combine the liposuction of your chin with a neck lipo to get a much slimmer and younger look overall.  Are you concerned about the combined lipo cost? Talk about this with your doctor – you may get a significant discount.

With this procedure, only very small cuts are made under your chin and behind the years.

Even if you have loose skin on your neck, you should see the skin getting more firm after the micro liposuction.

And in case you’re wondering… yes, both these procedures are performed under local anesthesia.

And there’s one more thing to decide when considering a lipo treatment for your chin and/or neck.

You can have the fat tissue extracted transferred on your less-plumped areas, like the lips or cheeks, which may need to be filled out; this is a frequent procedure. Since your own tissue is used, there’s no risk of tissue rejection or of an allergic reaction – your surgeon will confirm this.

How Much Will Your Chin Liposuction Cost?

As you can expect, the price tends to be lower than if you were having fat removed from larger areas like the hips or buttocks. The cost of a chin plus neck lipo can fluctuate from $2000 to $5000 or even higher, depending on the location you’re going to have the liposuction done at (big cities are usually cheaper than more remote, less populated areas).

You should also know that the cost tends to be higher if instead of a simple tumescent liposuction you choose laser- or ultrasound-assisted lipo, like for example VASER lipo.

But the good news is that – given the small extent of the area to be treated – a chin/neck lipo is done under local anesthesia, so you won’t have to pay any anesthesiologist’s fees or an extra cost for an operating facility. The surgeon’s office is enough and you’re sent home the same day.

In fact, the whole procedure usually takes only half an hour to an hour.

What Happens After Your Chin Lipo?

Like with any tumescent lipo procedure you’ll have to wear a compression or chin strap for a few days to minimize swelling in the treated area. Furthermore, you can lessen the slight swelling and/or discomfort with medication given by your lipo surgeon. You can also use Arnica – a popular homeopathic remedy.

Rest assured, your doctor will give you all the instructions you need.

Wear scarves or turtlenecks to hide any swollen areas during the few weeks it takes the swelling to completely subside… You’ll see the final result in about three months and – in the end – the scar isn’t going to be larger than a freckle.

As you can see, a chin lipo can give you a smooth and graceful neck line with little pain and risk of scarring… You’ll stop avoiding to have photos taken or being self-conscious about your double chin!

Just be sure to choose an experienced, board-certified surgeon to minimize the risks and get the best possible micro liposuction results.

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