Celebrities Overweight …Celebrities Weight Loss…Why are These Such Hot Topics Today?

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Unless you live under a stone, you know that the number of celebrities overweight is growing–along with their popularity: Oprah, Queen Latifah, Charlotte Coyle, Liza Snyder, Jill Scott, Jennifer Hudson, Christina Schmidt, Kim Coles, Johanna Dray, Kirstie Alley, and so on.


This in spite of the fact that popular actresses like Kate Winslet, Margaux Hemingway and Jane Fonda insist that…

“The pressure for women in the entertainment industry to stay thin was and still is tremendous”.

How would you feel if you’d have to lose weight in order to get or keep a job?

In the real world, if an employer told you that you had to lose 20 pounds in order to be considered for a position, you could sue the company.

But overweight actresses and actors cannot sue Hollywood producers.

Models cannot sue modeling agencies. The rules are different for the famous…

Sadly, film producers, modeling agencies, fashion designers, and all of the show biz promoters push women in this industry to be skinny rather than fit and at their optimum weight for their specific body type. Producers are well-known to say that no one wants to see celebrities overweight…

That makes sense.

However, what is considered “overweight” these days might be just a healthy, naturally curvaceous woman’s body.Do you think that these beautiful women are “overweight models”?

The continued pressure to be skinny thin or lose weight quickly for a film shoot causes celebrities to gain weight rapidly after the part is over or to start an exasperating cycle of yo-yo dieting or even an eating disorder…

Is the Number of Celebrities Overweight Growing?

Just think about it. You don’t see a higher percentage of celebs overweight than non-celebrities; rather, celebs are under the microscope most of the time – how they lose weight, live their life and do just about anything is typically a matter of public record.

Despite all these, the popularity of overweight celebrities is growing. Not surprisingly, people all over the net are talking about how nice it is to see overweight celebrities still loved by the public–that might show Hollywood a thing or two!

You might be asking… are any overweight celebs that seem perfectly happy with their weight?

You bet: men.

Jack Black for example, hasn’t yet announced any plans to lose weight!

How do Overweight Celebrities Lose Weight?

If you are like everyone else, you too want to know the secret of how celebrities lose weight, manage to stay healthy and have lots of energy to keep up with their busy schedule, right?

After all, it’s only been a few short years since Beyoncé made the news when she got on a liquids-only diet (Lemon Diet – a.k.a. Master Cleanse) losing 20 pounds in only a couple of weeks to be able to play the role of a 16 year old Diana Ross look-alike.

This caused a lot of critics to talk about how a growing number of celebrities overweight use risky diets – despite the fact that the Master Cleanse (a well-known, safe cleanse that makes you lose weight quickly) was recommended to Beyoncé by her nutritionist.

Yes, celebrities have personal nutritionists. They have personal trainers. They even have personal chefs and weight loss coaches.

In most cases however, how overweight celebs lose weight and keep it off is rock-solid weight loss science applied intelligently–because that’s what it really takes.

You’re smart; you too can eat well and lose weight the same way that celebrities lose weight >>

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