Forget the Gym! Do a Basic Calisthenics Routine at Home and Get Lean with this Fat Burning and Reshaping Bodyweight Strength Training

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Do a basic calisthenics routine (known also as bodyweight strength training) at home, when you’re fighting a hectic schedule and struggle to find time to exercise – you’ll appreciate its double benefit!

First benefit: what’s more convenient than to exercise at home (or in a hotel room when you’re on the road) on your own schedule, with no equipment at all?

Second benefit: you’ll be impressed by how effective these fat burning workouts are, even the very basic calisthenics.

So forget the gym!

In their efforts to sell you a membership, fitness centers will never admit that you can easily get into your best shape ever without their expensive fees and fancy equipments.

Whether you’ve never exercised before or are just recently out of shape, all you really need to do is exercise at home using this great fat burning bodyweight strength training, or calisthenics workout. The way Belinda Benn – author of the famous Get Lean Program – puts it, “It’s never too late to unleash your ultimate body!”

What is a Calisthenics Routine?

Simply put, basic calisthenics consist of multi-joint exercises done without any weights or equipment, where you engage multiple muscle groups using solely your body weight as resistance.

Believed to have the origins in the Greco-Roman gymnastics (in Greek, kallos stands for “beauty” and thenos for “strength”), calisthenics were used widely throughout Europe and England to get healthy and fit quickly.

In the last century, Australian calisthenics even rose to a competitive performing art.


Today, calisthenics are routine training for Navy Seals, you could even find a military calisthenics boot camp class in your town – it’ll get you trim, fit and toned quickly, similarly to the little-known, powerful anti-aging 5 Tibetan rites.

Doing calisthenics exercises consistently, not only will you quickly burn stored fat and shape up, your body will acquire greater strength and better flexibility.

Here are some of the most popular calisthenics included in a bodyweight workout routine:

  • Squats
  • Pull-ups and push-ups
  • Abdominal exercises
  • Sit-ups
  • Trunk curls
  • Pelvic tilts (hip raisers)
  • Leg kicks
  • V-ups
  • Knee bends
  • Instep touches
  • Tuck-jump, side jumps, jumping jacks
  • Walking lunges
  • Shadow boxing

When you exercise at home, always start your routine with a 2-3 minutes warm-up, which can be just marching in place or walking around the room to get your blood pumping and avoid muscle strains.

Depending on the time you have available and your level of fitness, mix and match these fat burning workouts done in reps of 5-10 repetitions for 20 to 40 minutes without breaks in between.

After your workout, cool down with simple stretches for 3-5 minutes and end by breathing deeply 7 to 10 times, which concludes your calisthenics exercising routine for the day.

Are you wondering what is…

The Convenience of a Calisthenics Routine?

The best thing about the fat burning bodyweight strength training (besides using only your own body weight) is that you will achieve great body-shaping results exercising at home just 20 minutes a day!

Plus, you can forget about:

  • Dragging to the gym at 6 am or late after work
  • Buying expensive exercising equipment
  • The risks involved with repetitive isolated exercises
  • Boring, monotonous exercises
  • Having to waste time socializing at the gym

You might not realize, but the gyms may have you believing that you need their assistance, expertise and fancy equipment.

You can ignore it.

Achieve your fitness goals exercising at home using basic calisthenics instead.


You’ll not only save money and time with a bodyweight strength training; you’ll get in your best shape ever – quicker than you think.

7 Benefits of Calisthenics Routine Done Right

Apart from great convenience, the benefits of doing these fat burning workouts at home include:

  • Accelerated metabolism and fat loss for hours after the workout
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Increased energy and stamina
  • Improved posture, joint flexibility and bone density
  • Looking and feeling up to 10 years younger in just a few weeks
  • Enhanced sense of achievement, body-image & self-confidence
  • Better muscle tone and body strength

Remember, true body strength is measured by how well you can carry your own bodyweight. With gym equipment, you rely on it to maintain core stability, so when you require body strength in real-life situations, your body may just let you down, leading to muscle strains – or even worse – injuries.

And believe it or not, even if you haven’t exercised in a decade, you will get back in shape quickly using a calisthenics routine consistently. I really encourage you to take a look at Belinda’s Get Lean Program now and see if this amazing transformation program would work for you too >>

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