Burning Fat for Weight Loss: How toBurn the Fat at an Increased Rate by Maximizing Your Metabolism

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Burning fat for weight loss is often misunderstood… Find out here how burning body fat works, what’s the best way to burn fat and the 6 factors that can boost your metabolism so your body becomes able to burn the fat at a much faster rate. So let’s get down to it.

You’ve probably heard it by now: beyond everything else about food, beyond proteins, carbs and fats, beyond fruits, veggies and meat, there are the calories.

Calories are the key to burning fat for weight loss.

Calories are units of energy – part of the fuel you need while you walk, talk, think, drive, worry, watch TV, and yes, even while you sleep.

Depending on your activity, you spend more or less calories. The more muscles are involved, the more calories you use up, or burn – that’s how you burn the fat (the washed-down, very basic process).

If you want to really push your body into fast fat burning, you must understand that when your caloric intake from food is larger than your caloric output, your body stores the extra calories for later use – as fat.

Why fat? Because fat is the easiest to convert from calories and back into calories as needed, your body’s most efficient energy storage.

Before looking at the specific factors that influence your metabolism – i.e., your fat burning capacity, you should know that the physiology of burning body fat is unchanged from our ancestors’ thousands of years ago, when:

  • their food supply was scarce and unreliable, unlike today
  • their physical activity was much more intense than today

Today food is not only abundant; it is highly processed, overloaded with empty calories.

What are “Empty” Calories?

Empty calories are foods that have too little nutritional content compared to the high number of calories. As you can imagine, almost all fast food and most highly processed foods are “empty” calories – they don’t give you any real valuable nutrients, BUT a lot of calories.


Plus, our physical activity is only a small fraction of what it used to be thousands of years ago, so burning body fat for energy is at its lowest and the fat deposits get bigger and bigger.

Let’s look for a moment at how your metabolism is burning body fat.

For all the energy you need, your body burns calories through a highly complex biochemical process. The rate at which your body burns calories is your metabolic rate.

Yes, you could say that it is your metabolism that is in charge of burning fat for weight loss.

So consider this.

When you eat more calories than what your metabolism needs to burn for your body’s immediate needs, you store this surplus as fat for later use – regardless of their source or of how healthy they are…

…muffins, hamburgers, chocolate, orange juice, apples, lettuce, or tofu.

Conversely, when you need to spend more calories than you’ve just eaten, your metabolism burns previously stored fat to provide these extra calories for your body.

This might be a new idea to you, but although the metabolism is a highly complex mechanism, you can optimize its function to maximize burning fat for weight loss.

Burning Body Fat Faster: How to Boost Your Metabolism

Your metabolic rate it is higher or lower, burning more or less calories, depending on your age, sex, and your specific body type.

However, beyond these fixed parameters, your metabolic rate is also influenced by factors that are entirely under your control:

  • your muscle-over-fat ratio, or how you exercise to burn fat
  • not only if you’re eating to lose weight, but WHEN you eat too
  • whether you are more physically active or inactive
  • your skill of being able to regularly relieve stress
  • how deep you breathe (how much oxygen is available in your body)
  • yo-yo dieting and using “miracle” pills to lose weight, both of which affect your metabolism, lowering it substantially.

As you can imagine, burning fat for weight loss gets easier when you know how to fine-tune these factors to boost your metabolism on a daily basis… Next we’ll take a look at each of these factors to see what’s the best way to burn fat faster >>

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