Motivation to Lose Weight: Have You Had YourServing of Weight Loss Motivation Today? Three Easy Tips on the Menu

The motivation to lose weight is FOOD for your brain; like real food, you can’t get it ALL in just one sitting… You need daily top up’s of tasty “morsels”. No matter your reasons, your motivation to lose weight is the main key to quick weight loss, getting back in shape, toned and vibrant. Why? … Read more

Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss Only Works When You Choose the Right Type of Hypnosis Instructions

If you haven’t used self hypnosis for weight loss, trying to lose weight is a constant frustration and struggle, no matter how much will power you have. And even if you’ve used self hypnosis audios but they didn’t contain certain hypnosis instructions matching your specific personality and emotional health, they probably haven’t work for you. … Read more