Beyonce Overweight? Or Not?

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Was Beyonce overweight before she began shooting Dreamgirls? Really?
If she was, then what can you say about the so-called “overweight models”?

You may have heard that actors and especially actresses often need to gain or lose weight for a role, right?

Well, Beyonce was getting ready to play the part of a singer reminiscent of Diana Ross.
Now, if you look at pictures of Ross, old and new, you can see why Beyonce felt it was necessary to lose 20 pounds.

But was Beyonce really overweight before accepting the role?

Not really.

She weighed just around 138 pounds, which is perfectly normal for her height of 5’6”.

Unfortunately, overweight actresses typically choose an unhealthy approach to losing weight… fad diets, questionable fasts or even unsafe weight loss pills to lose weight quickly for a performance. But once the performance is over, stars start eating normally again – so they gain.

You’re quite familiar with this pattern, aren’t you? Not only do you re-gain all of the weight that you lost, you gain even more!

Critics have said that – like many other celebrities overweight – Beyonce may have stepped on to a roller coaster that doesn’t end.

But let’s talk for a second about another TV personality…

As you know, one of the most outspoken overweight celebrities is Oprah Winfrey. Her height is just about the same as Beyonce’s. When Oprah appeared on the cover of “O” in January of 2005, she looked great, her abs were toned and clearly visible, her weight was normal for her height.

But over the next few years she gained 40 pounds.


Well, primarily due to a thyroid problem, but also because of a food addiction. Like other celebrities overweight struggling with eating disorders, she has talked openly about food addictions and comfort.

But let’s return to Beyonce…

Photos titled “Beyonce Overweight!” began to appear after the filming of Dreamgirls ended. That’s because she had gained back the 20 pounds that she lost to play the 16 year old version of Diana Ross in the film.

So, she really wasn’t overweight. In fact, she was getting very close to being underweight when she lost the 20 pounds. At a height of 5’6”, 117 pounds is skinny, not healthy.

In a short time, she gained back 15 pounds to play the part of Etta James in Cadillac Records. But this still wouldn’t make her one of the overweight celebrities! She’s smart, so she’ll stick with roles that don’t require her to gain or lose too much weight in a short time span.

Why? Because quick weight loss is inevitably followed by weight gain, particularly when you use a fast or fad diet in order to do it.

Hopefully, we won’t see more photos of Beyonce overweight or over-thin. Hollywood might still think that skinny is “in”, although as you’ve already seen – the new “norm” is toned and healthy, even curvy… just take a look at what just a few years back would be thought as overweight models, what do you think? >>

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