Ayurveda Pitta Body Type: Balance Your Pitta Dosha with these Pitta Diet & Lifestyle Tips

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Ayurveda Pitta body type is characterized by the strong Pitta energy.

This energy reflects the energy of fire and heat: hot, liquid, penetrating, sharp, transforming and agitating, just like in the image at the right.

Before looking at the specific Pitta dosha diet, let’s make sure that you are indeed a Pitta type – based on your physical and temperamental characteristics.


You’ll learn what aggravates your Pitta dosha and how to correct any imbalance with practical lifestyle tips that you can apply immediately – even a full year’s worth of Ayurvedic meal plans to balance your dosha.

So let’s get down to it.

According to the millenary Ayurvedic wisdom, Pitta dosha represents the fire element. It is predominant during teen, adult, and mid-age, when we are transformed by a more intense hormonal activity.

As an Ayurveda Pitta type you generally have a medium frame, moderate musculature and a well-defined body shape (of the three body types you’re most likely to have a mesomorph body).

You have a radiant complexion and silky, prematurely grey hair – with a tendency of hair loss. You tend to have soft nails, warm hands and feet, a soft and sensitive skin, often with freckles. Your eyes are typically blue, amber or hazel, with an expressive and piercing stare.

Normally, you have a sound, medium-length sleep with adventurous and intense (even violent) dreams. You have a determined walk, clear and precise speech, sharp and quick mind – always looking to learn new things.

Ayurveda Pitta energy governs all the processes in your mind, transforming chemical and electrical impulses to thoughts you can understand.

With a Pitta body type your predominant sense is sight.

Pitta energy is also responsible for regulating your body temperature, your digestion, assimilation and metabolism. This energy is mostly found in your small intestine, stomach, sweat glands, blood, fat, eyes, and skin.

You like hot, spicy foods, heavy deserts, and cold drinks. With a strong appetite and metabolism, you are always trying to digest new things – physically and mentally.You may find interesting this analogy.

In plants, Pitta energy represents the essential oils, resins, and sap.
Pitta periods of the day are between 10 A.M.-2 P.M. & 10 P.M.-2 A.M., and Pitta season is from June through September, when it’s sunny and hot.

With a Balanced Ayurveda Pitta Body Type…

…you are goal-oriented, efficient, with good problem-solving skills and a sharp wit.

Bold, assertive and self-confident, you make a good leader or public speaker because you have a warm personality and a clear, articulate, precise, and penetrating speech.

Resourceful, focused and ambitious, you are organized, fiery and competitive.

With an abundance of vitality and stamina, you are passionate, chivalrous, loving and romantic.

Psychologically, you have a sharp mind and many unconventional ideas. Regardless of education, you are well-read, entrepreneurial, and achieve easily what you put your mind on.

You are always on the run and thrive on challenges transforming them into opportunities that usually bring you money, which you love spending on beautiful objects that you can show-off.

An Imbalanced Pitta Body Type…

…usually leads to vision, temperament problems – but most of all – to digestive, metabolic and weight problems.

That’s why with a Pitta type is very important to follow your Pitta dosha Ayurveda diet.


  • Too little Pitta energy results in: indigestion, sluggish metabolism, anemia, vision problems, lack of focus, inability to set and achieve goals and in a tendency of making erroneous judgements.
  • Too much Pitta energy results in physical problems like hot flashes, acne, hormonal imbalance, insomnia, night sweats, prematurely grey or thinning hair, hyperacidity, ulcers, and diarrhea.

A Pitta imbalance causes you to become very agitated, short tempered, demanding, controlling, angry, judgmental, impatient and perfectionist… You can even be aggressive, hostile, reckless, enraged, destructive, critical of self and others, capable of sarcastic, cutting speech and intense negative emotional feelings like hate and jealousy.

Ayurveda Pitta Body Type Gets Aggravated by…

 …having to miss or wait for a meal and direct sun or hot, humid weather (which makes you very tired and uncomfortable), smoking, coffee, alcohol, soft drinks, citrus juice, cookies, spicy, salty and sour foods like pickles.

Your dosha gets especially aggravated by conflicts, deadlines, competitive activities, hard physical work, lack of freedom or material resources.

Ayurveda Pitta Body Type Gets Pacified by…

…mental & emotional peace, nature-oriented activities, and reassuring, gentle, reliable, easygoing people.

You must keep “cool” (figuratively) and exercise regularly according to the Ayurvedic weight loss workout recommendations for your specific dosha.

Especially good for you are moderate workouts like swimming, brisk walking, and yoga, romantic walks by moonlight, and heart-to-heart talks.

Get a massage once a week: use essential oils with sweet/cool aromas like honeysuckle, mint, and jasmine; surround yourself with beautiful objects and cool colors (blue, green, purple, or indigo), and get yourself a short, dry massage every morning with a silk glove.

Above all, don’t let deadlines rule you, express your emotions, allow for leisure time, and never skip meals.

With an Ayurveda Pitta body type you gain weight easily because of your high-stress lifestyle. However, you can lose weight naturally and without struggle with a Pitta dosha diet >>

Would you like to get a 28-day Ayurveda Pitta step-by-step plan PLUS 1 full year of delicious menus and Pitta-balancing meal plans? Then, take a look at this Ayurvedic Balance 1-year program >>

If you’re like most people, you’re a combination of two doshas – a predominant one and a secondary one. Either one can be out of balance and needs to be pacified for an optimal physical and emotional equilibrium, so you may want to check as well Vata Body Type or Kapha Body Type.

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