Ayurveda Diet for the 3 Ayurvedic Body Types: How to Optimize Your Health & Weight Naturally

Get a quick Ayurveda training and the basics of Ayurveda Diet, a proven weight loss nutrition program for the 3 Ayurvedic body types: Kapha, Pitta & Vata A time-tested body-type based system of healing 5,000-year old, Ayurveda offers individualized diets that are gentle and easy to stick to. Also, gentle but potent natural Ayurvedic remedies for weight loss that don’t … Read more

Eating for Your Blood Type to Lose Weight: Which of the 4 Individualized Blood Type Diets is for You?

The benefits of eating for your blood type are clear: boost your energy, eliminate food intolerances that lead to bloating, weight gain and more. That’s the basis of the massive hit Eat Right for Your Type by Peter D’Adamo, a Doctor of Naturopathy specialized in the 4 blood type diets. And despite its critics, the results of … Read more

Are these 50+ Debilitating Symptoms Of Candida Overgrowth Making You Miserable andUnable to Lose Weight?

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Low Thyroid Symptoms: Do You Have an Underactive Thyroid Causing Weight Loss Resistance? Test Yourself at Home for Low Thyroid Levels

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End Stress and Weight Loss Resistance Naturally: 6 Simple Tips to Melt Your Stress Away

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20 Failproof Tips for Losing WeightYour A-B-C Roadmap to Slim & Toned

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