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Want to Write for Us? Become a Published Author on BrainyWeightLoss.com and Get Your Name Out There & Build Your Reputation

Want to share the limelight with us? Write for Us!
We’re now accepting bylined articles to be published on our highly popular site.

What's in it for YOU? Exposure & increased reach.

The exposure and increased reach that we can give you through our highly popular brand and discerning audience: over 100,000 visitors per month (in fact, we're on top 0.5% of all sites on the web).

We've been online for over 10 years covering a wide spectrum of healthy weight loss topics. Are you an expert in any of these? Then read on to find out if you qualify to get your articles published on our site, where...

Write for Us!

...our established brand and growing momentum have a powerful impact on the lives of millions of people struggling with unwanted weight:

- Discerning people fed up with unrealistic programs and dangerous products;

- Super-busy people tired of “magic bullet” slimming solutions that don’t work long-term;

- Smarter people looking for practical strategies for eating and exercising to lose weight, along with useful tips for implementing the lifestyle changes necessary to solve hormonal and emotional imbalances responsible for their weight loss resistance.

Our community is growing like never before...

...and we are looking for new and exciting voices to speak to our site visitors and newsletter subscribers.

Would you like to expand your own reach and become a guest contributor (perhaps even a regular one) on BrainyWeightLoss? Then we’d love to have you!

We almost never pay for occasional articles.

Why? Simply because we don't believe in buying content BUT, we're offering something much more valuable: your article published on our site with full attribution.

This means your signature in a small bio with links (typically nofollow links, as per Google's guidelines) to your website and/or social profiles, which gets your content in front of new audiences, creating new opportunities for engagement and conversions for you.

PLUS, we regularly promote our contributors in our Ezine; this means even greater exposure for you and an increased audience for what YOU have to say (and sell), for quite a long time.

Is this valuable to you? Then come on board!

What's in it for us?

More voices. More contrast. More diversified content focused on advanced strategies for healthy weight loss for people who need to get (and keep) the weight off.

Some of the topics we're interested in are...

  • meal planning tips
  • fat loss camps/retreats
  • vegetarian weight loss
  • raw food eating tips
  • teen weight loss
  • budget healthy eating
  • addressing liver health
  • insulin resistance issues
  • post-menopause weight loss
  • body detox/cleansing
  • dealing with food cravings
  • emotional eating issues
  • body image issues
  • motivation tips
  • behavior change
  • weight loss workouts
  • yoga for weight loss
  • at-home exercising

Do you qualify to write for us?

First - are you an experienced member of the fitness or health community?

Whether you're a fitness/wellness trainer or coach, a health/nutrition professional or student, a weight loss expert wanting to share your unique expertise and tips, we're offering you the opportunity to get the exposure that comes with being aligned with our brand.

Second - are you established on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, G+?

If you're actively building your personal or professional brand on social media channels connecting and sharing with your followers your published articles, you'll be given preference as a guest contributor on BrainyWeightLoss.com.

Here's how it works:

Apart from your expertise and passion, which must shine through, we do have strict editorial guidelines that you must comply with when writing for us:

  1. content 100% original and exclusive to us (not published elsewhere - not even paraphrased);

  2. well-structured benefit-oriented articles of minimum 800 words relevant to the type of audience described above; you should include early on the article’s takeaway, why the article is relevant to the reader and present the problem that this article solves OR how learning this info gives them a valuable benefit;

  3. "how to" practical advice, actionable tips, useful know-how reflecting a fresh and objective viewpoint on one of the topics listed above, written in a conversational style with a "you-focus" (in the second person);

  4. short paragraphs grouped under a few engaging subheadings, bulleted lists or numbered items - we like bullets a lot!

Lastly, if you want to write for us keep in mind the top 3 things we do NOT like:

  • Generic articles full of fluff (the PLR variety) or impersonal, Wikipedia-style content;

  • Outdated concepts like calories-in/calories-out, eat-less-exercise-more, etc.

  • Promotional content - if you're promoting a product or service in your piece, it's probably not for us.

Here are three articles that will give you a pretty good idea on what we are looking for:

Articles selected for publication will be edited for SEO, clarity, brevity, and to conform to the BrainyWeightLoss style and purpose.

Are you ready to apply as a Guest Contributor on BrainyWeightLoss.com?

Submit your piece through the form below:

IMPORTANT! submissions or offers made through the Contact form will not be considered. Please use only the form below.

Include a brief bio (up to 40 words) with 1-3 relevant links in parentheses, next to the words to be linked (do not embed the links - we do it when we publish your piece).

Have a recent headshot ready to email us (300 x 300 pixels and your entire head should be in the pic) for your Author Bio box - in case we select your article to be published.

We’ll let you know if your article has been selected for publication within a week or so of our having received your submission. If we publish your article, we might get in touch with you about further work.
If your submission doesn't fit the guidelines above it won't be selected; if that's the case, you may or may not hear from us, depending on how crowded our inbox is.

Submit your piece through this form:

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