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Wild Divine Stress Reducer Game: Experience Pleasurable Weight Loss with this  Desktop Game for Stress Relief & Reducing Cortisol Levels

If you are unable to lose weight due to high stress, this stress reducer game isn’t only going to help you with reducing cortisol levels, it will take you on an exhilarating virtual adventure that’s full of fun!

Stress Reducer Game - The Journey to Wild Divine


Where I came from, having fun was mostly for kids – adults were supposed to be... um, serious.

So naturally, I used to be a tight-ass and look down my nose to games – after all, I’m a grown up, right?

BIG mistake.

It was only when I was prescribed anxiety and stress management drugs to lower my dangerously high cortisol levels that I gave a second thought to using a stress reducer game... What, I could play it on my computer for just a few minutes each day and remove the effects of daily stress??

When was the last time you have been totally relaxed and energized by an anxiety and stress management tool while having TONS of fun?

Well, if you want to step out of time into a realm of endless possibility and experience a fascinating stress reducer game that helps you relax, restore your vitality reducing all high cortisol symptoms (including weight gain in the abdominal area), read on.

Media Endorsments for Wild Divine Stress Reducer Game

Unlike traditional computer games, the Journey to Wild Divine desktop game makes biofeedback (a popular method of alternative health care) easily accessible for you. It empowers you to take your health and wellness (literally) into your own hands.

Stress Reducer Game - Demo It Now!

As hardware, the game includes the biofeedback unit called IOM (formerly Light Stone) and three finger sensors.

Using the three "magic ring" sensors gently attached to your fingers, the IOM measures your specific skin conductance level (SCL) allowing the events of the game to unfold on your screen based on your blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension and brain wave activity.

Stop for a second and think about it.

Every day, you use a mouse and a keyboard to control what happens on your computer screen... But imagine being able to use your thoughts, emotions, muscle tension and relaxation level to control what happens on your computer screen.

This is the magic of the Wild Divine IOM.

An "inner-active" computer adventure using biofeedback technology as an entertaining way to combat your stress?


Wearing the three finger sensors, you move through shimmering mystical landscapes using your breath, the power of your thoughts and feelings.

And there’s more.

You’re never left on your own... Wise mentors guide you throughout the realm of the Wild Divine - each of them reveal to you various breathing, body-stilling techniques and relaxation skills that you need in order to complete over 40 biofeedback energy events of this fabulous stress busting desktop game.

Joan Borysenko about the Stress Reducer Game

Just imagine...

  • Opening doors and build stairways with your breath
  • Juggling balls with your laughter
  • Controlling a rainfall with the power of your thoughts
  • Flying kites from a mountain perch and levitating a sphere with the power of your intention and much, much more...

Are you like most people who don’t meditate regularly because the idea of sitting quietly focusing on your breath or chanting mantras is not very appealing?

I don’t blame you.

In contrast, with this innovative stress reducer game using specially designed soothing healing rhythms, guided visualizations and real-time on-screen feedback you calm your mind, relax your body and enter into that particularly healthful state that you can typically achieve only through yoga and traditional meditation.

Wild Divine Stress Reducer Game in the Media

And here’s what famous celebrities as Dr. Deepak Chopra has to say about Wild Divine...

Deepak Chopra about the Stress Reducer Game

... and Dr. Andrew Weil...

Dr. Andrew Weil about the Stress Reducer Game

In a highly stressed-out culture, technology has finally come to our rescue - with more and more people spending more and more time in front of a computer – at work and at home – a stress reducer game is not only convenient, but highly effective and fun - I can't recommend it enough!

Yes, it works both on PC and Mac ;)

And you’ll be surprised to find out that Journey to Wild Divine desktop game stress relief and brain power enhancing tool is a wonderful non-violent alternative to the nonsensical computer games that hook our kids and teens nowadays - a stress reducer game that's fun to play for the whole family.

So if you want a scientifically-proven way to learn to relax your mind and body while listening to soothing music and having fun, check out the Journey to Wild Divine: The Passage or the Healing Rhythms guided training program free demos >>

Stress Reducer Game - Demo It Now!

You'll be taken to Wild Divine website, where you can watch Dr. Deepak Chopra explaining how this stress busting game works on your mind and body - check it out now >>


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