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Can Positive Thinking Phrases Make You Fall in Love with Your Body & Drop the Pounds Without Struggle?

Yes, because when it comes to losing weight, customized positive thinking phrases work just like the weight loss affirmations. You'll discover here how to create your own positive self talk and start to lose weight much easier - while saving a lot of money in the process! How so?

Well, if you'd go to hypnotherapy for losing weight, the hypnotherapist will typically use all kinds of positive self talk phrases to create customized affirmative MindScripts™ specifically for you, based on your current self-talk.

It costs a lot, but it's very effective.

It's effective because with repetition, these customized MindScripts™ replace any unsupportive beliefs with new ones that make easy to stick to healthy eating for fat loss and to exercising consistently.

But you can save a lot of money by learning how to turn any automatic, disempowering self-talk into positive self-talk.

Positive Thinking Phrases

Before understanding the way in which positive self-talk works in your mind to boost your weight loss results and how to create customized positive affirmations for yourself, think about this.

Do you ever say:

  • "No matter what diet I try, each time I gain all my weight back"

  • "I often crave sweets or fatty foods, they make me feel good"

  • "I don't have time to exercise, I am too tired to work out"

  • "I have a sluggish metabolism, it is hard for me to burn fat"

  • "I’m too lazy, I’ll never be able to exercise daily"

  • "I feel guilty when I eat fattening foods"

  • "I will take time for myself only after taking care of everyone else"

If you think (or say these negative-thinking phrases, even only to yourself), you should know that this is the reason you can’t lose weight.


In fact, such statements actually keep you from losing weight.

Believe it or not, they are self-sabotaging, limiting beliefs that you use (subconsciously) to justify WHY you are overweight.

You may want to stop using these kind of disempowering affirmations.


Because they create a lot of negative feelings and reinforce continually your body’s mechanism of preserving (and increasing) the amount of body fat you carry.

Consider using instead positive self talk that supports - rather than diminishes - your weight loss efforts.

You may feel that this is easier said that done, but...

...How do You Switch to Positive Thinking Phrases?

Well, the easiest way is to take those limited beliefs and turn them around.

For example, for each one of your negative thinking phrases, design a positive counter-statement - a positive affirmation, if you will.

Used regularly, these positive affirmations make you experience different feelings, increasing your motivation to lose weight and ultimately bringing about new, healthier behaviors that take you to your weight loss goal with minimum of fuss.

For example:

"No matter what diet I try, each time I gain all my weight back"

Turn it around to something like:

"I eat a healthy diet and easily stay at my ideal weight"


"I often crave sweets or fatty foods, they make me feel good"

Turn it around to:

"I often eat fresh, juicy fruits and raw nuts, they make me feel so good!"

In the same way,

"I don't have time to exercise, I am too tired to work out"


"I always make time to exercise, it energizes me whenever I’m tired"

And so on - you get the gist of turning limiting beliefs into empowering positive thinking phrases, right?

Whenever you catch yourself using limiting beliefs, STOP.

Switch to positive self talk immediately; this way, you change your current reality into a new one, where your body is able to release all extra weight easily, without resistance or frustration.

Remember, when you expand your beliefs and use affirmative MindScripts™ you instruct your subconscious to shift your reality from how IT IS right now, to how you WANT it to be.

As a result, you progress faster towards your weight goal and become able to keep your ideal weight with no deprivation or struggle.

You should know that using positive thinking phrases in this way is a big part of what self hypnosis for weight loss does through the hypnotic scripts.

With these, you gradually change your thoughts and feelings about your body, your eating and exercising habits. This way, your current reality starts to be shaped by your new belief of what’s possible for you.

And then, believe it or not, when this belief becomes an unshaken certainty for you, things begin to happen - seemingly out of thin air: you start to enjoy healthier foods, stop experiencing food cravings, become active and full of energy. You learn to release stress, get adequate rest and take better care of your body.

Before long, all these habits become automatic - they become your NEW reality!

For your convenience, here’s a list of affirmations for weight loss, positive thinking phrases you can use if you want to lose weight quicker, easier. Use it as it is, or adapt to your unique situation, as necessary.

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