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Welcome to this practical guide to fast healthy weight loss based on using synergistically three elements:

  • Your specific body-type diet

  • Smart fat-burning workouts

  • Effective tools to reprogram your brain (to start losing weight on autopilot)

As your coach, I'll help you make the impossible possible and the possible... simple :)

Reading this, your first thought might be...

"Who's Alex and why would I listen to her?"

Fair question.

I'm formally trained as a life coach and specialized in body-type nutrition and mind-body fitness. I work with people who want to drop the extra weight consciously - i.e., in the context of holistic health and by releasing the limiting conditioning that causes all kinds of unwanted behaviors around food, eating and exercising.

To make these changes stick, I use several advanced tools, like: EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques - also known as "meridian tapping"), Emotrance, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Dynamics of Human Conditioning - to name only a few.

If you're not familiar with these unconventional protocols - no worries, I'll make it super-easy for you to reap their valuable benefits getting the results you want faster and with a minimum of fuss :)

Wondering what qualifies me as an online weight loss coach...

... to help you finally lose the extra weight and keep it off for good?

Mostly three things, I'd say.

First, over 20 years of personal experience in the losing-gaining-losing weight game; name it - I tried it all! I know what works, what's pure hogwash.

Second, a variety of trainings in how the mind works and holistic health - so you'll actually get healthier as you drop the extra pounds.

Third (and most important), the passion for empowering you with advanced mind-body tools for change and seeing you achieve lasting results.

Want some backstory?

Self-Conscious about Weight

A nonconformist kid by nature...
I wasn't gently going along with following the rules all the time, sitting cross-legged and keeping quiet for long.
In fact, I often expressed myself through passionate outbursts and insisted on being original even when it was causing me pain.

Believe it or not, I started emotional eating early on...

...and it was around that time that I’ve started to become self-conscious about my weight.

But only later I fully understood my coping behavior: using food for comfort after disciplining rounds and to numb the frustration of not being understood.

Teenage years
Growing up in one of Europe's communist countries, I found obeying the communist dogma to be a drag. Among many other absurd things it required to fit the mold, which I didn't.
But then and there, being unconventional was not cool. Individuality, creativity and thinking for oneself were strongly discouraged; at the minimum, refusing to be like everyone else was punished by contempt and ridicule.
So I learned early on to hide my soft self and to toughen up. Without realizing it, I started to soothe the hunger for acceptance of my free-spiritedness with... you guessed it: FOOD.

All-work, no time for myself
After moving to Canada in my late twenties, I used to have a lot going on. "An ambitious health professional determined to rise to the top of the game fast" - they said. I was also setting up my own practice, learning small business marketing on the fly and servicing clients while attending professional trainings, preparing for board certification exams, plus responding to family demands. I was working really hard... trying to sleep faster and dismissing the idea of taking the time to sit down enjoying an unhurried meal.

Always on the go...
...I used to put everybody else’s needs before my own. I expected a lot from myself, constantly having too many things on my plate - pun intended ;)
Abused my body (unknowingly) through overwork and lack of sleep and my spirit through self-criticism for not "doing enough".

Eating Straight from the Fridge

Being a foodie... was easy to continue using food to push down stress, fatigue and overwhelm.
Or, celebrate achievements and successes.
Too many responsibilities, tight deadlines and a continuous stretch to make everybody happy were the usual triggers for my stress eating - especially at night, straight from the fridge...

As you can imagine, pounds kept adding month after month. Before long I'd tried everything under the sun: fad diets, magic pills, slimming patches, fat burners, carb blockers, seaweed powder, ocean mud wraps, mystic star dust - only to feel starved, exhausted and depressed!

Can you relate?

Walking my talk: NLP, EFT and self-hypnosis
It took me quite a long time to figure out what was going on.

Although a NLP life coach and EFT practitioner, it wasn’t until I used these cutting-edge modalities consistently (along with specifically designed hypnosis instructions) to reprogram my brain and control my emotional eating.

EFT helped to erase childhood emotional trauma, NLP to re-frame sabotaging inner dialogue and self-hypnosis to replace the old, unsupportive behaviors with evolving ones. A winning mix yielding great results!

That's when I felt compelled to help people who are like I once was: overworked, overstressed, emotionally starved and struggling with extra weight. Now I'm doing this here at BrainyWeightLoss, as your online weight loss coach.

Mind-body fitness, Ayurveda, body-type nutrition
I went through more specialized training: mind-body fitness, Ayurveda, body-type nutrition, food psychology.


First, to deepen my understanding of healthy, soulful eating that nourishes the body AND the spirit.

Second, to become skilled at formulating customized approaches for losing weight without deprivation, hunger, ridiculous diets and overhyped slimming products.

In creating this site (and as your online weight loss coach), I'm sharing my experience and distilled knowledge about healthy weight loss offering you...

Useful, free weight loss help you can rely on

Packed with loads of free cutting-edge info, practical tools, kick-butt motivation and offering several online weight loss coaching options to choose from, BrainyWeightLoss has everything you need to get the body you want: strong, sexy and fit :)

You should know that...

...if you purchase products through my affiliate links, I may receive an affiliate commission, but rest assured, the information on this site is not influenced in any way by the commissions I may receive.

These commissions help me run this website, allowing me to deliver unique, cutting-edge content, free, to you.

Clicking on my affiliate links and checking out the products that I recommend is a win-win experience for both of us.

Here you will find unbiased reviews and recommendations for top weight loss products that I have personally used and found to be safe and very effective.

I endorse these products because I like them and believe you might find them useful too. I never share anything I haven't already experienced, refined and used with great success myself.

Lastly, as your online weight loss coach, I always welcome your feedback!

Let me know what area of weight loss you have difficulties with - after all, I’ve created this site for you and I’m continually developing it to fit your needs.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about me, I look forward to getting to know you too :)

Your online weight loss coach

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