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List of Negative Calorie Food: 55 Weight Loss Foods for Mouth-watering Recipes to Drop a Lot of Weight Off and Enjoy Eating Healthy Again

Of course, there aren't "negative calorie" foods per se; all foods have calories. But once ingested, they have  negative caloric effect in your body,
hence the name of "negative calories".

Along with many health benefits of negative calories, here you'll find the list of negative calorie food featured in the much-talked about Negative Calorie Diet Plan.

Read on for the whole scoop on the so-called negative calorie foods and taking advantage of the "negative caloric effect" for weight loss.

What is a "negative caloric effect", exactly?

Well, it refers to specific fruits and vegetables you'll find on the list of negative calorie food below - mostly low GI (low glycemic index) foods - that require your body to burn more calories for digesting them than their actual calorie content.

To make up for this calorie deficit, your body burns stored fat as the source of energy.

And there’s more.

Eating Foods from the List of Negative Calorie Food

Because of their high fiber content, you feel satiated longer than with other foods; your hunger pangs and food cravings are greatly reduced. As a result, you eat less but healthier and end up losing weight, which is another contributor to the name given to these foods.

The vegetables, fruits and spices on this negative calorie food list are loaded with vitamins and minerals. These are foods that boost metabolism and enzyme production, triggering your body's fat-burning physiology.

Before the actual negative calorie food list, let’s take a quick look first at the...

...Weight Loss and other Health Benefits of Negative Calories

The negative calorie foods...

  • boost your metabolism, helping fat-burning vs. fat-storage

  • increase your overall energy

  • control the appetite reducing your hunger pangs

  • are gentle diuretics, eliminating excess water from your body

  • stabilize your blood-sugar levels - hence your mood

  • improve your digestion and cleanse the colon

  • cleanse your liver (the fat-burning organ) so it can burn fat more efficiently

  • have an anti-inflammatory effect, improving your circulation

  • lower your blood cholesterol levels

  • promote an increased mental focus and clarity

  • lower stress, anxiety and depression

  • help you get a sound, restful sleep

  • rejuvenate your skin, make your hair shinier, strengthen your nails

  • are no-fat, guilt-free delicious snacks - if you prepare them correctly

As you can see, the benefits list of negative calorie foods could go on and on, no wonder why all the buzz about the Negative Calorie Diet Plan.

All right. Let's take a look now at the most popular negative calories foods, all of which have not only health benefits, but also important weight loss benefits.

Veggies on the List of Negative Calorie Food

Vegetables on the negative calorie food list are: Asparagus, Bean sprouts, Beets, Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrots, Cauliflower, Celery, Chicory/Radicchio, Cucumbers, Endives, Green beans, Jicama, Kale, Leeks, Lettuce, Radishes, Spinach, Squash, Tomatoes, Turnips, Zucchini.

List Of Negative Calorie Food: Vegetables

Fruits on the List of Negative Calorie Food

Fruits on the negative calorie food list are: Apples, Blueberries, Cantaloupe, Cranberries, Grapefruits, Honeydew, Lemons/Limes, Mangoes, Oranges, Papaya, Peaches, Pineapple, Raspberries, Strawberries, Tangerines, Watermelon.

List Of Negative Calorie Food: Fruits

Herbs & Spices on the List of Negative Calorie Food

The spices and fresh or dried herbs on the negative calorie food list are: Anise, Cayenne, Chili peppers, Cinnamon, Cloves, Coriander/Cilantro, Cumin, Dill, Fennel seeds, Flax seeds, Garden cress, Garlic, Ginger, Parsley, Onion, Mustard seeds, Watercress.

List Of Negative Calorie Food: Herbs and Spices

Now, there's something very important you must understand. To lose a significant amount of weight you must eat at least 2-3 pounds of a mix of these foods daily. The whole foods, not the juice; blending them is okay, as long as you consume them immediately.

Also, it's best if you can get them organic (bio produce is pesticide-free) and you should eat them either raw (best option) or slightly steamed.

Also, you won't want to mix them with any empty calories (i.e. junk foods), or the negative caloric effect is lost, as shown on the list of free Negative Calorie Diet tips.

You may be aware that almost everyone has been programmed to believe that if it's healthy - it must be tasteless, right? Well, ignore it.

You'll be surprised to find that you can use these negative calories foods to prepare delicious, mouth-watering recipes in a snap - you'll enjoy eating healthy again!

Prepare yummy dishes with a mix of veggies and fruits from the list of negative calorie food

What if you could let your imagination run wild and blend contrasting textures for a mouth-watering, uplifting mix of flavors, scents, and colors...

...so that the sweet crispiness of a yummy Red Delicious apple is enhanced by the tangy succulence of an orange.

Spice them up with some zesty fresh cilantro, add a touch of extra-virgin olive oil, and lay them down on a bed of soft-green, crunchy romaine hearts...

Want more negative calorie recipes, including tasty recipes for the famous negative calorie diet soup? Take a look at the Negative Calorie Diet Plan.

Or, jump directly to the full program featuring negative calorie foods, Eating for Energy Diet:

List Of Negative Calorie Food: Eating for Energy


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