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Your Healthy Eating Guide Where You Live, Locally
Or on the Road: Eat Well Guide

Use Eat Well Guide as your online healthy eating guide to find fresh, hormone-free, non-medicated, locally-grown meat, poultry, dairy, eggs right where you live or when you are on the road.

Simply enter your postal code and find nearly 9,000 grocery stores, restaurants, farmer's markets, B&Bs, U-pick orchards and other outlets that offer in-season fruits, vegetables and products from sustainably raised animals in the United States and Canada.

Not sure why you and your family should eat unprocessed, locally-produced foods? There are many more reasons beyond eliminating the foods' damage caused by transporting them thousands of miles... read about it all here.

If you care about eating clean, wholesome foods you should know that ecologically sound, community-based food choices are essential not only ending the many negative health effects of industrialized food production; they are vital to solving environmental degradation and climate instability as well.

Will you be away from home?

Don't go on your next trip without knowing beforehand about the places where you can eat healthy or buy fresh, organic, locally-grown foods!

The free Eat Well Guide gives you access to a great diversity of restaurants and food producers, as this online guide is updating frequently with new entries.
Plus, you'll be pleasantly surprised to discover that this is more than a simple directory. Here, you can download recipes, save your listings to a Personal/Travel Guide, even keep personal notes for future reference.

You can search by:

  • location: use a keyword, zipcode or city + state
  • product: beef, lamb, chicken, dairy
  • production method: pasture raised, organic, no added hormones
  • outlet type: grocery stores, restaurants, farmer's markets, farms

How cool is this?

Before emerging as an independent program in 2007, the Eat Well Guide launched initially in 2003 along with The Meatrix - the hilarious animation movie about the dangers of factory farming.

Click below to access the Eat Well Guide and find sustainable food where you live - or on the road:

Healthy Eating Guide


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Home > Online Weight Loss Support Resources > Healthy Eating Guide

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