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Here's the Secret to Keeping Your Weight Loss Resolution!
January 27, 2011

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Today I'll share a quick tip on how to keep (or recommit to) your New Year weight loss resolution. Plus, I'll give you access to the latest fat burning workouts videos I've put up on (see below).


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The Secret to Keeping Your Weight Loss Resolution

Are you among the 75% of people who made a new year resolution to start working out consistently or just get more active this year so you'll burn body fat and shape up, only to have it fall by the wayside already?

Want to know the single greatest secret to completing such resolutions?

I discovered this secret after struggling for years with my own January 1st resolutions... It's been a lifesaver for me - it could be the same for you too.Melt Body Fat


Here it is...

The more you do, the MORE you do!

Yes, that's it.

The more you move your body, the more ENERGY you move through your body, which inevitably leads to being even more active.

Plus, it makes you feel real good about yourself ;)

So you may start off with resistance because you're in a static mode and it takes a decision to do something; followed by some physical action to get your energy moving.

But your real breakthrough comes the moment you notice that once things are moving, more fire energy ignites your metabolic 'furnace' and your Solar Plexus Chakra, which feeds even more movement!

For some cool working out ideas, you may want to check out BrainyWeightLoss collection of exercises to lose weight quickly >>

And here's another tip to boost your motivation to exercise.

Start with something you really enjoy to give yourself an endorphin-booster:

  • dance for 10 minutes on a favorite tune that fires you up
  • jump on a mini-trampoline first thing in the morning
  • fit a 10 minute walk into your lunch break
  • actively play with your kids in the backyard or in the park
  • explore the area around you by bike

...anything that makes your body move and brings you joy at the same time.

The secret is to choose something that doesn't seem a 'chore' to you, but something you really, really enjoy.

Want some awesome inspiration on starting to move your body while having a LOT of fun?

Here are the videos you're waiting for -- seven fat burning workouts videos >>

Download them onto your computer and watch them as many times as you like!


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, just take the first step and get started - you'll soon find that the momentum of moving your body will help you do even more!

Next time I'll have some quick and yummy weight loss recipes for you - you'll love them!

Until then, have a really great time!

Alex, Your Weight Loss Coach

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